Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Ten "Best" Comic Events of 2008

After a bit of a downer post yesterday, it is now time to celebrate the “best” of comics in 2008. There was a few that sprang right to mind. The rest were a bit of a fight in my head, which I am sure must have been a heck of a sight to the hubby. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

10. Captain America. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting continue to bring the heat on a title that has turned into one of my consistently top ten reads. I love Bucky as Cap, and I can hardly believe I am sitting here admitting it. This book is exquisite in every way, and the creative team is amazing.

9. Heroes Season 3. Yep, I said it. I loved the “Villains” storyline despite the controversy. Having the cast focused on a common theme was a nice change. I continue to have a bit of a Sylar obsession, and I still want to save the cheerleader. After a dismal season two, I feel optimistic again.

8. Wolverine: Old Man Logan Storyline. Mark Millar either hits or misses with me as a writer, but here he is hitting it out of the park. Did I mention that Steve McNiven is doing gorgeous art as well? I love the pairing of Wolverine with Hawkeye and watching the re-emergence of the savage part of the character has been fascinating to say the least.

7. Aaron Lopresti on Wonder Woman. I love Gail Simone as a writer, but I have to give some props to the artist working with her. Lopresti draws a beautiful but fierce Diana, and I can’t get enough. The panel work is seasoned, and Lopresti adds an extra dimension to Simone’s vision. I hope he is on the book for the long haul. I miss his work when there is a fill-in. Lopresti deserves a steady run on a title, and I feel that the Wonder Woman fans are lucky to have him.

6. Witchblade and Birds of Prey on DVD. I was thrilled when the DVD’s hit the shelves. I loved the Witchblade series and I had always wished I could have given BOP a second look. This has given me a second chance, and it has been a treat. I just want to know one thing: can Yancy Butler stay on the straight and narrow, and can the television series come back? I miss it! Honorable mention: Blade television series on DVD.

6. Incredible Hercules. I was really poised to hate this book, as I was disgruntled by the dismissal of Hulk from his own title, but I have to say I was wrong. This book kicks ass! The relationship between Amadeus and Herc is one of the best developed and rich ones in comics today and I don’t say that lightly. I can’t recommend this title enough.

5. Outstanding Mature Series of note: 100 Bullets, Fables, Boys, Fallen Angel, and Army @ Love. These mature titles have been some of the best work of the year. I am sad to see 100 Bullets and Fallen Angel coming to an end, as the entire development and production of these series has been phenomenal. Fables has given my childhood fairy tales a whole new life. Boys makes me laugh myself sick. Army @ Love is so damn clever and enchanting that it sucks me in every time. I love the fact that I am able to purchase and enjoy these books and that somehow it makes me feel that comics have grown up with me.

4. Discount Comic Book Service. The smartest move Jim and I made this year is to switch to an online comics service. I admit to some crappy customer service when I have problems, but I also admit to an ease and a peace I haven’t felt in years. I miss going to comic book shops, but I also know that my comics will be here in a timely fashion and I love that. Small town readers rejoice!

3. Return of Nick Fury in Secret Invasion. I love Nick Fury. His comeback to the Marvel universe was well executed and proved that you can’t keep a good character down. He is just the shot in the arm that the endless stream of major events and crossovers needed. Irreverent, whip-smart, and as brilliant a tactician as I have ever seen, I hope Fury is back to stay.

2. Iron Man and Dark Knight Movies. It was fun to go to the movies this spring and summer and two of the biggest reasons were these two flicks. I adored Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and am foaming at the mouth for a sequel. Dark Knight was so perfectly executed that I was in complete awe the first time I saw it. Even better, the movie continues to improve with age- a rare feat in this day and age. A toast to two fantastic films that reaffirmed my faith in the murk and muck that was a potentially fatal comic book movie explosion.

1. Gordon Lee case dropped. One of the most emotional moments for me this year as a comic book reader was learning that this frivolous witch hunt of a case was dumped. Having Neil Gaiman announce it at a CBLDF event was even more spectacular. This was a huge step in freedom of expression. I pray that it is a trend that continues.

That is my list for 2008. Can you think of something I missed? Any disagreements or additions? Let me know! Join me tomorrow for the events to look for in 2009.

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Eaglewing said...

Another good list.

I've read bits of Old Man Logan, but I'm waiting to get the trade so I can read it all together. I'm not a big Millar fan, but I'll read this.

I would have dropped good cash for the Witchblade DVD set, but then I read they went and replaced all the original music in the shows instead of paying for the rights. I hate when they do that - the music helps make the moments work. So I don't know if I'll buy it, but I too hope Yancy Butler could come back. I think they're trying to make a big screen Witchblade movie though, but minus Butler.

I too am glad about the selection of mature comics. Great stories and art keep the comic enjoyment going without hearing the words "crossover" or "tie-in" :)

Nick Fury is always welcome in any comic. Maybe he should be the next Batman.

I did a rather scattershot 'stuff' list for '08 on my blog, but Criminal would have to be on any list for me. It's my #1 book I must read.

I'll be back for the next list...