Saturday, December 06, 2008

Morning Musings

It feels good to have a lazy Saturday after some really busy months of work. I got up early and have been rooting around the basement. I will try and clean a bit so Jim and I can focus on getting our house clean and nice. After that, we will be able to evaluate what improvements and repairs need to be made. The great news is that the basement is sealed tight as a drum. It is one of the things I really appreciated about the house when we bought it almost nine years ago.

Our big living room is the other thing I have always liked. We don't spend much time in the rest of our house, so it is nice to have plenty of room to "live in". We have had some great parties there, and have had way too much fun in the past!

The other thing I am working on is trying to make room to get my comics organized. What a mess! Since we have cut back so much, it makes sense to try and get some order now. It is a perfect time to make decisions about what I want to keep the rest of my life and what I would part with. I feel ready to do so.

Thank you so much for all your ideas on how to continue our reading habit. It will undoubtably be culture shock of the highest degree. It will be good in the long run. Also, who knows- we may be able to pick up back issues for pennies on the dollar years down the road.

Have a nice day! I am going to go back to cleaning and then I need to go work out. My other goal is to get all this extra weight I have put on off. Damn food addiction!

See you later!

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