Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

Watching the last episode of Boston Legal Monday night was really sad. Though sometimes the politics were a bit too liberal for me, I was sad to see Denny and Alan say goodbye. William Shatner hammed it up and it always felt like he was having a good time working on the show. James Spader endeared himself to me with his quirkiness and his amazing ability to enthrall and sadden. The chemistry between the two was truly the anchor of the show, though Candace Bergen as Shirley Schmidt was fantastic. I will truly miss this show.

I have been riveted by The Biggest Loser this season. Vicky has become the character I love to hate, while I am intensely rooting for Michelle to win. Ed and Heba have been a roller coaster ride for me. I love Ed's support of his wife and I have enjoyed seeing the two together. I hope that after this show they go have a long, happy life.

Television is slowly replacing comic books for me. It is not a good change, but the truth is that I can afford to watch these shows, while the price of comic books continues to escalate. It is probably the perfect time to ponder ending my longtime love of them.

Not much else to say tonight. Life is interesting, to say the least!

Take care and I will see you back here soon!


Saranga said...

Totally finishing with comics? Say it aint so!

Heidi Meeley said...

I am pretty close, I am sorry to say. Until the economy here makes a bit of a turn, or the price tag goes down, it is hard to pay the price. I will miss it very much, but I will probably always want to pick up Wonder Woman.

Then again, 2009 is another year..

Lisa said...

Fan's of the medium never leave forever, Heidi. You'll come back. Maybe you take a break, but we'll see ya in the funny pages again.

As for Boston Legal, I agree, I'll miss it too. There were a couple of eps before the end that I didn't see, so I can't figure out why Danny and Allen got married, but it was still silly, as long as it didn't get too liberal.