Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings: Christmas Blues

The weather here is pervasively cold and crappy. It shows no signs of getting better before Christmas. This makes me very irritated! It is snowing right now and is supposed to snow through tomorrow. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will experience highs of 11 degrees. This means multiple layers of clothes and lots of care while driving. How is your weather?

In comic book news, I have made a list of the books I must get in January that I did not order. They are Birds of Prey, Manhunter, Fallen Angel, and Noble Causes. Because all these series are ending and I am a completist, it makes sense to save a bit of Christmas money aside and grab these books. Added to 100 Bullets, The Boys, Wonder Woman, and Justice Society of America, and that is my pull list.

It dawns on me that I haven't done Christmas cards. What is the ettiquette on that? Has anyone ever done e-cards and foregone the stamp and mail route? Is it tacky to put superheroes on a Christmas card when one is not an artist?

Not much more going on. I just don't have any Christmas spirit as the weather has got me stressed out. I am worried I won't be able to see my family next week, but hopefully we can celebrate a late holiday if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Have a great night! See you soon!


Carl said...

It's like 64 here this morning (around like 3:30am) after a high of 81 degrees during the day earlier. Yeah, I know, a Florida Christmas. It was colder during the week, down in the 30s and giving a Christmas feel without snow or sleet. I usually don't buy a lot of books and wait for the New Year's Eve sale at my comic shop. 50 percent off at midnight! Also, this year Scott had a Black Friday sale and I got a few Christmas presents early and a bunch of back issues of Supergirl and Wonder Woman for my daughter.
Welp, I should send out Christmas cards and haven't done ecards in ages. Mostly 'cause my family/friends barely use their computers these days, it's like it was a phase with them that's over. Oh well. I also have been working like crazy but at least my nightmare trip into the floor crew is over and I'm back in housekeeping. I just wish I could see my family elsewhere for Christmas. It doesn't seem the same here in 80 degree weather and no grandparents and family to spoil my girls...

Saranga said...

Will you get snow at Christmas?! We just get grey :/