Monday, December 01, 2008

New Comics for December 4

Wow, it is December! The last month went by very quickly and now I am in full Christmas panic. I worked late and just got home, so I am really in a state about gift giving. Thank you for the ideas- any help is appreciated!

Here is my list of this week's stuff.

Army @ Love 2 #5 (of 6)

Batman #682

Justice Society of America #21

Sandman Dream Hunters #2 (of 4)

Trinity #27

Broken Trinity: Witchblade

Darkness #72- yes, they started re-numbering in anticipation of the countdown to #75

Noble Causes #38- cover pictured

Sword #13

Marvels: Eye of the Camera #1 (of 6)

New Avengers #47

Punisher Max X-Mas Special 2008

Secret Invasion #8 (of 8)- holy crap- it's over!

X-Men Manifest Destiny #4 (of 5)

Boys #25

That is it for this week! I will be back to answer questions and catch up. Take care!

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