Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

Here it is Wednesday and I am already home from work. I took a half day off work so Jim and I could take care of our business. After working so many hours, it felt good to do the stuff he and I so desperately needed to. We are making plans for our future, and it involves time and effort.

In rant news, I am sad to hear that Comic Foundry is ending with it's next issue. I have really enjoyed reading it and wish it could somehow continue. It was the magazine that filled the void for comic readers who wanted content over T&A. Maybe someday it will start back up... I can only hope.

Not to be too nasty, but the art on X-Factor is awful. It was one of my favorite books until Larry Stroman took over as penciller. I know that he was the artist on the series before, but this looks bad to my untrained eye. I have convinced myself that it is because his style doesn't mesh with normally able bodied inker Jon Sibal's work. It is good timing to have to drop so many books, and this made it an easy choice. Sorry, but in my personal preference, the art was so distracting I couldn't follow the story.

I am now sitting here trying to wait patiently for our DCBS order. It is the third to last decent sized order we will be getting, so I am a bit sad. We had to make the cuts though. It was inevitable. In this day and age, I can't afford to read comics anymore. I have been ranting for some time about how the expense of comics would someday kill my habit, and I am sad to say that the day is now here. It makes me wonder what I will blog about. I am so depressed about it that it is hard to deal with. My reality doesn't reflect the kid in me.

Anyone got anything fun going on? I need a mood booster badly!


Nick said...


Cutting back sucks but...upside...NEW FABLES TRADE CAME OUT!!!!

Swinebread said...

How is the the Library system where you are?
If they're worth their salt they'll carry comic trades...
they will not be current but you can still review them

You could also review and reminisce about comics from your many years of collecting. Goodness knows I haven't read many of the same titles you have so it would be very interesting. You could pick out specific stories and creators that really meant something to you. I'm confident you could find and endless supply of blog posts there

Saranga said...

I second Swinebread's idea.

Or you could go the illegal route and download comics for free. Or use Marvel's online subscription whatsit.

Britt Schramm said...

I'm probably the other side of the coin than the others here. Due to lower disposable funds (and the lack of a decent shop here in Hurricane Alley), I have basically stopped actively readng comics. It helps that the business side of the industry has taken over the editorial direction of the Big Two and has killed/cancelled most of the well-written comics. At least they have kinda left the All-Ages ones alone so I can read The Batman, JLU, Tiny Titans, Scooby Doo and Franklin Richards to the kids.

I have been reading more regular books. I just finished "Watch You Bleed" by Stephen Davis and have moved on to the Kirby bio book by Mark Evanier. Like Nick said, you may have to drop monthlies but you can now pick and choose entire story arcs to read via trades. As one door closes...

Eaglewing said...

That's pretty sad for someone who derives such joy from comics, but alas, economic responsibilities do sucketh. It's a shame that comics are pricing themselves out of the market. Hope you will be able to still read some of your faves and keep commenting on comics in some way.

Also, I third Swinebread's idea and second Saranga's other route suggestion. I've kept track of things online at various websites like Newsarama and CBR, and then purchased trades that I figure will be worth it to be able to still enjoy something I really like without breaking the bank. I may not be the most current comic guy out there, but I have read some great stories and saved some money.

As for other fun stuff, all I've got is hoping I can make it to a theatre for Punisher War Zone on Sunday. That could boost a mood. Maybe.

Lisa said...

I can't stand Stroman's work on X-Factor either. Made me angry--love the story but the art was just, well it was so crazy I could barely read the comic. His run is over now though, and I hope they do NOT put him back on this or any comic book I enjoy. Back in the day he wasn't bad, but UG his new X-Factor run was bad.