Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Ten "Worst" Moments in Comics of 2008

It is time for this year’s “worst of” list here at Comics Fairplay. I went back through my blog, noticed I hadn’t blogged as much, and wondered this: how much is dissatisfaction with the industry and how much is the fact that I have went through a lot in my life? I guess at this point I would put it at a 50-50 split. That being said, I was able to come up with my list of 10 worst items quicker than the best. I mourn my optimism!

Without further ado, here is my list.

10. Justice Society of America Earth 2 Annual. I was really torn on this the first time I read it, and as I have gone back and re-read it several times, my irritation grows. I loved the JSA back in the day, and I am convinced that is a big part of the problem. No issue by any creator would have satisfied me. I also hate the fact that there is a new Power Girl. Her uniqueness along with her demeanor always appealed to me. A year from now, I may be eating my words, but for now this makes the list.

9. Y The Last Man ends. Much like the end of Preacher, the end of Yorick’s journey left me numb then depressed. For sixty issues, I was enthralled by the book and really wanted to know how the men died and how the ladies persevered. Then all too quickly it was over. The only book ending that will remotely touch this is 100 Bullets, which is ending in February. The pain… the pain.

8. Bruce Jones on Checkmate. I hate to say it, but after Rucka left, I left as well. Jones’ writing leaves me cold and this is no exception. The subtle web of intrigue and meaningful action were gone, and the book was soon cancelled. What a waste. I am sitting here hoping for a new series after the Final Crisis ends.

7. Cancellation of Manhunter, Birds of Prey, Spider-Girl, and She-Hulk titles. I am so sad about this. These were four excellent titles with female leads, and the quality of material was usually fantastic. I am just sick that these books are going, going, gone and I truly think it is one of the things that has driven me to cut back so much on my buying habits. It is decisions like this by the reader’s buying habits and the company’s editorial that have made me so cynical.

6. Garth Ennis leaves Punisher Max. This is truly the end of the era for me. I looked forward to each issue of the title, knowing that Frank Castle was going to make things right in his own scary way. It was a bit twisted at times, but I felt a healthy entertainment value was always gotten for my modest fee. I really miss Ennis, and am happy that he and Dillon have done the special mini-series. That is what saves me a bit.

5. Open Source Boob Project. I know you didn’t want to go there, but I can’t help it. This embarrassing debacle was one of the things that inspired my outside polls, which helped me a bit… BUT… come on now. Why would you do something like this at an all age’s event? An idea from some folks who wanted to grab boobs and be grabbed by mutual consent turned horribly wrong somewhere at THE INCEPTION. I know we are better than this.

4. Marvel Fashion Show. You know I had to point this out, right? I am still back at the beginning of this wondering why and how this came about. Do you know anyone that purchased these outfits to wear? The models are gorgeous girls, and they created quite a stir at the San Diego Comicon, but it didn’t seem like a good fit. Fanboys: 1, Dignity: 0. much like the Open Source Boob Project, I worry that this kind of stuff sets us back again, instead of making progress. I am obviously not the target audience.

3. Final Crisis/Countdown Continuity Gaffe. Grant Morrison gave an extensive interview. DC didn’t say much. There really wasn’t a resolution other then “oops”. That pisses me off. Call me “Fangirl” but I pay good money to have a semblance of continuity in two big company events. Speaking of paying good money…

2. Comic Book Prices hit $3.99. Not every book is this price, but the sticker shock is a big reason I have cut back on my comic book buying habits. With free internet downloads, and the price of a comic collection at zero to nothing, why the hell do I want to collect anymore? I might as well wait for the trade on the really good stuff. Damn I am bitter, huh?

1. Michael Turner, Steve Gerber, Jim Mooney, and Dave Stevens pass away. After last year, I prayed we would keep our creators with us. Unfortunately, this year hit hard. Losing these brilliant talents made the industry a much duller place. My heart still aches and I want to take a moment to thank these gentlemen for their work. Godspeed.

That is the list for this year. Care to agree or disagree? I am waiting to check the blogosphere for other lists until I am done later this week. Tomorrow night it is time for the “best” list, proving it is always darkest before the dawn!


Swinebread said...

9. Y the last man just seemed to end like there was no plan.

I enjoyed the comic immensely though; I think Yorick reminded me a lot of my friend Josh a lot.

7. Actually I don’t think She-Hulk has been all that good under Peter David but then I was one of the few that don’t think his Hulk was the definitive version either…

5. just bizarre…

2. I’m almost there myself…

1. very sad indeed

Eaglewing said...

Good list. Sad though when the worst is easier to list than the best. Comic companies should take note.

Garth Ennis leaving Punisher Max was sad indeed, but his final book was awesome. I can't believe something called Open Source Boob Project ever made it as far as it did. What is wrong with people? And the $3.99 price point is lunacy - they're driving buyers away and don't seem to care.