Sunday, August 14, 2005

Catching Up

It is Sunday, and the last five days have flown by at an unreal pace. I am just now sitting down to check e-mails and see what has happened in the world.

My husband's brother and his fiance' came to surprise Jim on Thursday evening, and are here visiting us from the Philly suburbs and Delaware. They are in the process of packing and showering and are leaving tonight to head back home. We always have a lot of fun with Tom and Jen, and inevitably revert back to our teenage years in terms of behaviour. This trip was no exception, as last evening we went to the Meadowbrook Family Funcenter and did go-karts, water innertube fights, miniature golf, and hit the arcade. Then it was back to the house for barbeque and beer, two of my favorite pasttimes.

It is also worthy to note that I made it through my sales meetings, and worked well over 40 hours in three days. I tried desperately to get out of bed before 10 a.m. the last two days with no success. I think that once you have been going at the pace I was running at, your body just kind of shuts down and needs to reboot.

Comic books wise, I haven't read a single one. Paged a few, but not read. I can bet that means no review over at 4CR/KFR this week. I am feeling slight amounts of guilt, but am tired enough to know that I will be doing everyone a disservice by trying to do a review with half a brain.

Have a wonderful rest of the day! We are going to go to the Country Harvest Buffet to do my favorite thing other then sleeping- eating. I will be back tomorrow with a list of new comics and hopefully some fun stories.

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