Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Favorite Female Characters #25: Fatale

Fatale 1
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Fatale is character I was introduced to by my husband Jim back in 1997. Published by the now defunct Broadway Comics, Fatale was the lead character in a series of her own name. Written by Jim Shooter, Janet Jackson, Joseph A. James, and Pauline Weiss with art by up-and-comer J.G. Jones and inks by veteran Frank McLaughlin (with some tales also penciled by Dave Cockrum), Fatale is a character that could have survived the bad girl craze if the fates had been kinder.

Fatale's real name is Desiree Hopewell, and her past is a checkered one. The latest in a line of women with the ability to absorb additive power from the other people, Desiree has been on the run much of her young life. As she hides from the people who want to steal her life force for their own gain, she is forced into emotional circumstances that turn her life and the lives of her friends upside down.

Along the way, uber-sexy Desiree toys with several men, using her tremendous breasts and keen intellect to keep her safe in the most perilous situations. Throughout she is called a fat cow and ridiculed, and in time shapes up into a leaner but still curvaceous, mean fighting machine. She doesn't let the insults get her down, and tells protagonists she would rather be shapely then rail thin, sending a more positive message to female readers. Alas, her fate is not always kind and we find at the end that though triumph is wonderful, it also can be very hollow.

If you are interested in finding out more about Fatale, there is a great trade paperback titled "Fatale: Inherit The Earth" that features all of her appearances in one volume.

Truly a unique and fun character, it is a shame that Broadway Comics didn't stay around to put out more books or trades about this sexy heroine. She has a realistic figure and wears real clothes for the most part rather then spandex.

First Appearance: Powers That Be Vol#1, Issue #1 (1995)
Best Bet: Fatale: Inherit The Earth TPB (1996)


Britt Schramm said...

Real figure? From that cover, her boobs look bigger than most porn stars (not that I would know such a thing). But from your overview, I might have to take a look at the trade. Though, the big rack doesn't hurt. ;)

James Meeley said...


She does have a large rack, but her body's shape is more in line with what a woman with large breasts would have. More curvy and full. It's not like in most superhero comics, with the hourglass figure and huge boobs. Compared to that, Fatale is much more realistic. And her weight, eating habits and shape were made into a small issue within the series. So, it wasn't just "mindless T & A".

If you can find the TPB, I'd say grab it. It's worth the read.

Heidi Meeley said...

Jim has it right for sure. Fatale is big chested, but also has a booty and thighs that match her chest. Her weight struggles, including being called "fat" during the TPB make her a sympathetic character to be for sure.

Fatale captured my interest right away. I liked that one of the writers on the book was a woman, and liked the vulnerability and spunk that they gave the character. I definitely recommend it.