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Favorite Female Characters #19: The Ladies from Invisibles

Invisibles Vol 2 #1
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One is from the future, one is a former cop, and the third is technically a dude, but is more of a lady then most women I know. Ragged Robin, Boy, and Lord Fanny are the intriguing and fabulous ladies from Grant Morrison's Vertigo series The Invisibles.

Playing second fiddle to no one, The Invisibles are a team of rebels who know that the world isn't just black and white, and see through conventions to the truth behind the truth. Through three volumes of pure satisfaction, Morrison takes readers on the ultimate journey- one that haunts their dreams.

Cells of Invisibles have five members, and the women in this particular group team up with King Mob and Dane McGowan (Jack Frost) to rid the world of the evil that pervades the outlines and insides of society. Each has a role that fits with the elements, and throughout the series, each take different roles. Whether it be air, water, or earth, each member fulfills a specific duty.

Lord Fanny uses a kind of tantric and sorcerous magic - the amazing transvestite witch. Desired by many, and the best dancer you have ever seen, Fanny has a wisdom well beyond her/his years. Fanny is in the dictionary under the world fabulous.

Boy is a fully trained martial artist with a gray past. In Volume two she "sheds" multiple memories in a tale way too cool for me to tell you about here- it's a must read to get the full effect. Born with the name Lucille, her past affects her in ways she can even hardly believe. Dane has a big crush, and his puppy-like ways in her presence endear him to both Boy and to the reader. Boy is revealed, but still a mystery with many layers.

Ragged Robin is fascinating in her own right. Born in the future and sent back in time to save mankind, Robin initially ends up in an insane asylum and eventually hooks up with Mason Lang, the Bruce Wayne-like billionaire with a secret of his own. More then any other character, Robin transcends her original state of pupae into that of a fully formed butterfly. Robin takes on the leader role in the group for a time, with surprising and compelling results.

If you have never read Invisibles before, and you are wondering what the Heck I am talking about, go out and pick up either the individual issues or the trade paperbacks. I will preface reminding you all that it is a mature readers book, so if you are easily offended, proceed no further. The Invisibles don't gloss over things, and live their lives as they feel them, making for both glorious and disturbing moments.

I love the Ladies in The Invisibles. Each is so unique and so full of flavor. I can go back and reread the issues many times over and find new things each time, coming back more enlightened then ever. Grant Morrison had a specific vision with The Invisibles and he more then fulfilled his end of the bargain with A+ story telling and unforgettable characters.

Recommended Reading: Invisibles Vol. 1 Issues #1-25, Vol. 2 Issues, #1-22, and Vol. 3 #12-1.

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