Friday, August 19, 2005

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 1 = Cute

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 1
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Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1 was not at all what I expected, but I ended up really enjoying it. Sweet and romantic, it was just what I needed to pull myself out of the funk permeating my brain.

I will attempt to make my thoughts as spoiler-free as possible, so here it goes. There is a female character in the Ultimate universe who has met up with Spider-Man before and remembers him fondly. With a little help from her girl friends, she seizes the courage to contact Peter Parker and set up a meeting. From moment one to the climatic ending, said female and Peter establish a warm understanding that makes the story especially touching. The nature of the female character is different then that of Mary Jane, but still nurturing and understanding of who Peter really is.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis makes sure to keep the story in a super hero bent with a couple of battles with super villains. How Spider-Man approaches each battle is fascinating, given the different set of circumstances in each.

I really enjoyed Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1 after begrudgingly picking it up. It not only enables me to continue my week of romance in comics, but it also picked my mood up off the floor and gave me something to smile about.

Pick it up if you have a chance. There's nothing wrong with a feel good story now and then, and this tale is no exception.


Woody! said...

As a concept, this could have very easily come off as bad fan fiction. (For example, Bendis's What If Jennifer Jones Joined the Avengers) But I thought the execution was very good. And the romance was something that I felt had to be explored. I wasn't expecting it with this character (especially considering the mystery cover changed a detail or two) but the idea of Peter dating someone with the same... um, hobby needed to come up. It'll be interesting to see if it lasts and, if not, how the break-up is handled.

Heidi Meeley said...

I completely agree with your assessment. What could have been a cheesy disaster turned into a great read. Bendis handled it perfectly, making the whole thing flow believably without rushing it. I have always found Bendis' strength to be characterization, and it was definitely no exception here.

I hope to see the dating continue in the regular titles and see how it permeates story lines. God only knows what Mary Jane is going to think!

Thank you for the insight!