Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Favorite Female Characters #24: Winged Victory

Winged Victory
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Predominantly seen in the first Astro City mini-series, issue #6, Winged Victory has left such a vivid impression on me that I felt compelled to include her on my list of favorite female characters. A strong woman, almost militant in her beliefs, Winged Victory stands for women's rights, but is also very human and vulnerable in her way.

Created by Kurt Busiek, Astro City is a great comic book series period. I consider it Busiek's crowning achievement, and the more he allows me as a reader to find out, the more intrigued I am. Winged Victory was right there in the first mini series, "Life In The Big City", and the date she shared with major male super hero Samaritan resonates to this day. As they peeled away layers of each other's personas on this first date, I found myself turning each page more breathlessly until I got to the end, and could barely contain my awe. Busiek got it right in a major way.

Winged Victory has been forced to be independent, and has created women's self-defense training centers to help her fellow females to be self-sufficient. Her origin remains a bit of a mystery, and since this date back in the first mini-series, not much else has been revealed. I am still awaiting the day when Busiek will choose to present another chapter of this fascinating character's history and existence.

Winged Victory stands toe to toe with her male compatriots while retaining an amazingly graceful presence. To this day, I believe her to be the most powerful female hero in her universe, and will choose to think so until Busiek advises otherwise.

So how about it, Kurt Busiek? When can we get another dose of Winged Victory and her many layers of characterization? I would love to see a book solicited, even if it is a one-shot, that revolves around her.

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Britt Schramm said...

I love Winged Victory and the whole Astro City scene. I would love to see a spotlight on her just like the arc with the Confessor and Altar Boy. If there's a petition, I'd sign it.

Heidi Meeley said...

Yep, I am waiting for that great moment- when I find out that Busiek is writing a solo arc on Winged Victory. I would sign the petition as well, or could just bug poor Kurt at a convention as he is based out here on the West Coast. Hmmm...