Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Favorite Female Characters- Honorable Mention: Arwyn

Sojourn 31
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When CrossGen closed it's doors, I was extremely sad to see that I would no longer be able to follow the adventures of Arwyn, the brave but emotionally fragile lead character of Sojourn. Making matters worse, the series ended in the middle of a story arc, so only God and the creators involved know where Arwyn ended up.

Of all the female characters in the CrossGen Universe, Arwyn touched me the most. She lost her husband and child horribly, and with only her faithful dog Kreeg by her side, set out to wreak her vengeance. When she met up with Gareth, there was an added essense of hope that shaded her persona.

Gifted with Ayden's arrow, Arwyn and Gareth undertake the mission of uniting the five fragments can defeat the evil Mordath and return peace to their lands. From horrendous persecution to a persistent sense of urgency, Arwyn displayed immense courage, though her heart was fueled by vengeance.

Beautifully rendered by super star artist Greg Land, Arwyn became legendary in most reader's eyes. The high point of the series was when Land would collaborate with writer Ron Marz. I give CrossGen high points for insane quality and coloring that were icing on the cake.

Tbe bottom line: Arwyn was a fantastic female character. Through great sorrow, Arwyn displayed a grace that immediately endeared her to me. Her poise and determination, plus a great supporting cast and an insanely evil villain made for a compelling monthly read. To this day, I look for the title on shelves only to find old issues that are bitter reminders of my inability to follow this character further down the path she started.

To read Arwyn's adventures, check out Sojourn #0 through 34.

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