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My First Wonder Woman Comic Book: Wonder Woman 214

Wonder Woman 214
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I will never forget the first comic book I read that featured Wonder Woman. It was issue #214, and it was a 100 page issue. My Uncle Jack gave it to me, and within ten minutes I was hooked.

The lead story is from the "12 Trials" storyline in which Wonder Woman had to prove her worth to herself before rejoining the Justice League of America. This particular issue had Green Lantern Hal Jordan as the guest Leaguer, following Diana Prince around New York as she battled evil. I will never forget Diana in her hip UN gear, or Hal posing as a medieval page to watch Diana in a themed restaurant.

Further bringing me in, there were several back up tales from Wonder Woman's past. There was the Wonder Woman full of pathos, cheery Wonder Woman, and plain old emotional Di. I couldn't believe how much I cherished each page.

Once again, I read my copy so many times that I lost the cover and the first several pages. Five years ago I bought a much better copy on ebay for around $15 and it was worth every penny.

Isn't it amazing how a great comic book can take us back to the day we first read it? Man, I was so innocent and hopeful. Wonder Woman embodied what I could be if I worked hard and played my cards right. She still to this day inspires me, as she is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

I was eight years old, but it feels like yesterday.

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Carl said...

Yep, I had that one, doubt that I still do. I read the "Super Spectaculars" till they fell apart. I remember trying to get all of them, the 100 pagers and never quite succeeding. Not only did they have so much, they had slices of DC history in the reprinting of original stories. I knew so much about the Golden Age Heroes then people that didn't read them. A lot of my friends that only read Marvel or current DC seemed to never care about looking back. But I loved the JSA and other "lost" characters. I can't remember the issues, but the ones that really stand out were (on the cover at least) "The World's Finest" that had Superman and Batman attacking the Statue of Liberty, the Batman that had Two-Face dropping a giant coin on Batman, the JLA special with Sandy as a monster attacking them and the JSA and so many more. I just looked and there's a guide someone has put together to all the 100 pagers here:

Wow! That really takes me back. Now, I just need some mullu to get those again, the ones that didn't make it past the endless re-reading...