Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Top 5 Favorite Comic Books- Deadpool #11

Deadpool 11
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Never in my life have I laughed so hard while reading then when I first set my eyes on Deadpool #11. To this day, I can hardly turn each page without giggling, because it holds up so well.

Writer Joe Kelly is probably best known for his work on the Superman title, especially issue 775, but he has never shined brighter to me then when he was writer on Deadpool. His scripting is without peer here, as he layers a new script on the old school wording of Stan Lee, circa 1960's.

Deadpool #11 finds the lead character and Al back in the past. Forced to disguise themselves as Aunt May and Peter Parker, the hilarity ensues as they interact with the core group of Amazing Spider-Man characters from that period. Kelly took the tale from Amazing Spider-Man #47 and brings a new twist to it. A favorite moment for me is when Deadpool as Peter first lays eyes on Harry, and his reaction is as uncensored as it gets.

Another treat is the interaction between Blind Al disguised as Aunt May, and Mary Jane's Aunt Anna. When Mary Jane herself shows up, it gets even more hysterical.

Deadpool #11 is at times a bit mean spirited, but always side-splittingly funny. I give this book the highest recommendation. If you can find a copy in the back issue bins, grab it up and prepare for a great ride.

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