Friday, August 26, 2005

Commercial Interlude: Teen Titans 27 = BAD

Teen Titans 27
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I had to take a break from my list of favorite females to say this:

Teen Titans 27 is really, really bad.

It isn't just that Rob Liefeld's art is painful to look at, because that is a given. It actually took me three attempts to open the book and get past the art enough to try to read the dialogue. That isn't the worst part.

The story is poorly done as well. I am crushed. I LOVE Gail Simone's writing. When she took over Deadpool I laughed out loud at her great way with a phrase. I adored her Oni project "Killer Princesses" and bought both the issues and the trade. I also love Birds of Prey. BUT...

I did not like this story at all. The villains are terrible cliches and the premise doesn't fly at all. I can hardly believe this is the same writer I enjoy so much.

If you haven't bought this issue yet, spend your hard earned cash on Birds of Prey or Killer Princesses instead. Don't buy into the Liefeld/Simone dream team because it doesn't come true.


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