Monday, August 22, 2005

Sharing A Sketch Memory

Never in my life have I been as excited to meet a comic book pro as I was to meet Joe Staton. Despite a snowy mountain pass we had to cross, and a super early morning, Jim and I made it to that 2002 Seattle Comicard Show early, eager to meet the man who had helped to created Helena Wayne, the Silver Age Huntress.

When we finally got inside, we went directly to where Mr. Staton was sitting. Shaking with nerves and anticipation, I approached him gingerly, grasping tightly the well-read copies of All Star Comics I had for him to sign. "Mr. Staton?" I questioned quietly. "Yes, how are you today" he replied as pleasantly as can be. I believe my response was something along the lines of "finehowareyou... I am such a big fan of yours. You are the father of one of my favorite characters The Huntress and I just love her...." and so on, breathlessly gasping out everything I wanted to say.

Much to my luck, he smiled slowly and quietly, took my praise in, and asked if I wanted a sketch. Did I?? Holy Cow!! I plunked down my money eagerly, and he went set to the task of bringing Helena Wayne to life.

While we excused ourselves, we walked over to where Geoff Johns, Steven Sadowski, and Scott Kolins were sitting and gushed to them about the greatness of Joe Staton. Without missing a beat, Geoff Johns replied "yeah, I was in awe too." Much love to these three guys for feeling the way I was, as it put me at ease.

When we returned to Mr. Staton later that day, he presented me with the incredible sketch pictured here. With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, I thanked him profusely and walked slowly from the table, as if in a dream. It is still one of my fondest con memories to this day.

I cherish this sketch, and can't imagine parting with it. I like to think that Mr. Staton saw my love for his work and his character that day, and put a little something extra in it.

Thank you Mr. Staton for making such a wonderful piece of art, and giving an ardent fan a fantastic memory to cherish.

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