Sunday, July 02, 2006

Carlos Mencia Provides A HOT Time

Yesterday for an early anniversary present, Jim and I went and saw Carlos Mencia at the Legends Casino. The good news is that it was a fantastic show. The bad news was that it took place outside in 90-something degree weather.

Jim is a big fan of Mind of Mencia, and I have always enjoyed the bluntness that Mencia employs. It isn't humor for everyone, in fact when entering there is a disclaimer sign that it is adult humor and that it is racist and inflammatory. It offers people their money back before entering, which is a great idea. For whatever reason, people get tickets to his show and don't realize what kind of comedy he does, and then try to sue later for being offended. Nice.

At any rate, I am sitting here a bit numb from such prolonged heat exposure. We got in line a 5 p.m. and the show ended around 9 p.m. so that was a lot of sunshine for my 3/4 german, 1/4 swedish skin to deal with.

This being the case, I am going to go drink lots of fluids and continue to recover before preparing for work tomorrow. Yes, work. Since Jim had to work, I figured I might as well also. Our anniversary is this upcoming Saturday, so I would want him to be available then.

Take care and have a great, lazy Sunday!

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