Monday, July 31, 2006

New Comics For August 2

Ex Machina 22
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
It's another week already, and the comic book list is a bit smaller with there being five Wednesdays this month. It is a mental assist, even though I know I will be spending the same amount of money.

Here is my list:

52 Week 13
All New Atom #2
Detective Comics #822
Ex Machina #22
Jonah Hex #10
Outsiders #39
Y The Last Man #48
Invincible #34
Noble Causes #22
Fantastic Four #539- the train wreck that finds Sue and Reed splitting
New Excalibur #10
Punisher #36
Ulitmate Spider-Man #98
Uncanny X-Men #477

That's it! Have a great week, and I will check back with you soon!


Carl said...

Wow! That Ex Machina looks like I was right about dropping the book at issue #4! Sheesh, I love Y, The Last Man and Runaways but man, looks like DC is having a bad hippy trip on that book. And the main character was way too damned liberal for me. Too much LDS in the '60s Mr. Spock...

Heidi Meeley said...

That is so funny that you say that, Carl! I thought the cover was very psychedlic, but in a cool way. Heh. Mind you, I am not a hippie type gal- I am as straight laced as it gets other then the occasional cocktail.

I started getting Ex Machina after a brief drunken conversation with Tony Harris at Emerald City Comicon. If the artist could be that offbeat, the book had to be too!

I guess this is another one we don't agree on. Darn it!

Carl said...

Welp, I love Tony Harris but can't stand Ex Machina, the writing anyway. My superhero types are not liberal, since my fave two are Batman and The Punisher. I got to meet him at a couple or three Megacons and got most of my Starmans and first got the preview of Obergeist (sp?) though him. He's a nice guy and has biting wit. But suffer hippies? Not in this lifetime...

Carl said...


I got over to my shop and looked for the issue to see the cover in real life. I looked and looked and looked and then realized since I was looking for the glowing green pot symbol on top of the book I kept missing it. I finally found it and except for the tiny bits of green near the top not blocked by the Ex Machina logo or cut off, you wouldn't know it was there! I showed it to my dealer and told him about and he was stunned. I guess Vertigo is not as "hands off" as DC makes it out to be. I'd love to know what Tony Harris thought about this...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, they actually hid the cover? That is crazy! What was the reasoning? I know it is pretty psychedilic, but I didn't think it was obscene. Interesting.

Tony Harris would be horrified... or vastly amused.

My local shop actually took American Virgin #1 off the stands and hid it because the owner hated the cover so much, so this isn't super surprising, just odd.

Thanks for letting me know!