Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Definitive Shi Volume #1- First Impressions

Definitive Shi Volume 1
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I have been extremely eager to buy the Definitive Shi Volume #1, so today when it arrived in my Mile High order, I was ecstatic.

The good: It contains Shi: The Way of The Warrior in it's entirety. I could never find the issues at a reasonable price, so I have only read bits and pieces.

The cover is incredible. It is an eye-catcher of the highest order. Billy Tucci is a uniquely talented artist, with the ability to capture the delicate beauty of the lead character.

Also good is the interior art itself. Featuring Tucci and other guest artists, the book is eye candy.

The Bad: Reproduction of several pages is poor because converting the glorious color of the original issues has made a murky mess. Most of the pages are fine, but some are an eye sore.

I knew it was being reproduced in black and white with graytones, so it wasn't a buyer beware for me. It is simply a disapointment.

Conclusion: I will carefully read this tome before damning it. A little murkiness isn't going to kill it for me; it just makes me a bit sad.

Has anyone else gotten a copy of this? What are their thoughts?

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