Sunday, July 30, 2006


I was very lucky to have people who I considered to be the best comic bloggers around respond to my poll. It was an oddly humbling, but incredible experience.

The basic conclusion here is that we are all looking for something very personal with our blogs. Whether it be a place to get things off our chest or just a place to have some fun, blogging is a part of our lives. It may not carry the same weight as family, friends, and our work, but it is as ingrained as the rest. Most importantly, we are all here by CHOICE.

Keeping up our writing chops is a reason frequently given. Having something unique to say is another. It is compelling to see how many of us started for one reason and have seen it evolve to another purpose. That shows that intent was part of the puzzle, but that it may not be the key to longevity.

What makes a blog interesting? It seems like being topical and thought provoking leads the pack. Having original thoughts and being able to state them is a gift. Having the same interests as others helps as well.

Everyone involved seems to have a passion for blogging. Whether it be given tongue-in-cheek, or to the point, we all seem to care. Whether we allow it to take precedent in our lives or not, it is something we want to do.

Thank you for all your help in making this Poll an amazing success for me. Though I didn't have a great amount of numbers, my respondents made up for it with intelligence and class. Thank you again!


Johnny Bacardi said...

Interesting stuff- wish I'd known about it before this afternoon! My fault for not checking you out more often, I know.

Heidi Meeley said...

It is all good. My warped mind is percolating another poll that is sure to pop out sooner then later.

Thank you for taking a look!

Heidi Meeley said...

Johnny- I would have loved to have your opinions, as I really appreciate your blog. I will hunt you down next time!