Sunday, July 30, 2006


I would like to start by thanking all of you who participated in the bloggers poll! It means a great deal to me, and my appreciation knows no bounds.

I got a total of 16 responses, which came from a broad cross range of bloggers in the comic book genre. It was definitely interesting to find that there are more similarities then disparities. The results for the multiple choice questions are as follows:

1. I usually blog:
a. Morning 2
b. Lunch
c. Night 10
d. During Work 4
e. Other- explain please 1-middle of the day, 1-anytime can squeeze in 1- all day, off and on

Results showed that night was the most chosen time to blog.

2. I spend ______ a day blogging and checking out the internet.
a. Less then an hour
b. 1 to 2 hours 3
c. 2-4 hours 5
d. More then 4 hours 7
e. Other 1

The internet and blogging time spent showed that the majority spent over 2 hours. This definitely means that bloggers are reaching different parts of the internet to find news and enjoyment.

3. Where do I get my ideas for blogging for the most part
a. Comics I read 4
b. Other internet sites
c. Random realizations 3
d. All of the above 11
e. None of the above- specify

There are more then 16 responses because more then one response was permitted. It definitely sounds like inspiration is found from many places. Some comments made were as follows:
“Comics I read- try to stick to reviews and some add ins of “hot topic” tie ins like movies or comicons”

“All of the above. We only get comics once a month, so if I stuck to books in hand I’d rarely post”
“I’m usually inspired by comics I read, and thoughts/realizations connected to what I am reading (books or magazines).”

4. Blogging gets priority over other activities
a. Not often 4
b. Sometimes 10
c. A great deal of the time 2
d. All the time

This one surprised me. As someone who feels like she makes blogging too much of a priority, I was shocked to find that others didn’t necessarily feel that way. I am glad in a way to hear that though.

Some comments given:
“sometimes, depends on the activity ”
“sometimes. Strange how much a part of my life it is after one year.”
“It seems like I’m thinking about blogging a lot of the time. Though I don’t have the energy or time to post what I am thinking about right away.”

That is part one. I will come back and post part two before the end of the day. Thank you again!

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