Friday, July 21, 2006

More Random Musings and some 52 Opinions.

I really had every intention of putting up some reviews, but even on vacation I can't seem to get my comics read. I am really torn because I want to read Phantoms, but I also would like to do some reviews. Oh what to do!

Jim is home with me now. He is exhausted from a warm, busy day at work. It is 100 degrees with no mercy in sight. Yuck.

I was a bit late to my meeting today- circumstances beyond my control. It lasted longer then I thought, but I enjoyed it.

Comic reading wise, I did check out 52 Week 11. The Batwoman doesn't do anything for me either way yet. I am not interested so much in her sexual orientation as I am in her battle against crime. It doesn't matter to me what her race, preference, or religious belief is. I just want good story telling. So far my opinion is neutral. As the story progresses, then I will make my decision.

My favorite part of 52 so far is Ralph Dibny and the Cult of Kon-El storyline. I am really thrilled with the storyline, and with the way Ralph is being portrayed. Having his master detective aspect brought to the forefront is a welcome addition. I also like the beard, and the more serious nature he is displaying.

I like the Question/Montoya interaction very much. It reminds me of the old ganster movies when two buddies would plot and plan and then take out the baddies. Montoya is slowly losing some of her bitterness and becoming reinvigorated by having a new adventure. Where it goes is still a mystery, but having some Greg Rucka villains from Batman pop up surely upped the ante.

Black Adam's story is not what I thought it would be. Next week seems to be a deciding factor in this, if the upcoming cover gives any indication. I am also fascinated by the interaction between the creator of the Metal Men and the incarcerated creator of Amazo. I think that this subplot is going to become huge very soon.

Still hating Booster at this point, but not as much. I am getting a bit of a sympathy towards him, so maybe the tide is turning. It will be interesting to see where his tale leads.

Overall, I am enjoying 52 quite a bit. One thing DC has done with this weekly series is spoil us as readers. It is a fast food mentality- I don't have to wait to get my fix. I am already wondering what to do when it is over! Hopefully DC stays on schedule and continues to make this event the real deal.

Have a wonderful evening! Stay cool in the nasty heat!

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