Friday, July 07, 2006

Random Thoughts

The Lawn
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Tonight is all about mowing the lawn. Our yard, shown, is quite large so it is quite the undertaking. I love it when it looks nice, but it requires a lot of TLC and watering!

I really enjoyed Detective Comics #821 by Paul Dini and J.H. Williams III. I hope to have a review up in the next day.

I watched Rockstar: Supernova, and have decided to stay a viewer for the season. I loved last year's Rockstar: INXS, and hope this is as much fun.

I can tell I am stallling to mow, so I am going to pry myself away from the cool outdoors and get it done.

Have a wonderful evening!

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Heidi Meeley said...

Scott, that is too funny, and a bit ironic that you would mention sheep. My family has raised the wooly critters since WAY back in the day, and my mom would never let my dad put the sheep in her yard. She was very meticulous about it, and didn't want them to trample it!!!

I like the idea of a riding mower. It sounds like it is working great for you, which is wonderful to hear. Good for Robin! We have been thinking about going the riding mower route because it takes so long to mow, especially with the grass growing so quickly.

Take care! Tell Robin "hi" for me!