Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Random Musings

I am sure you all are ahead of me on this, but FYI: Heidi MacDonald has moved The Beat to a new URL. It is pretty cool, especially the new header. Check it out!

Speaking of the lovely and talented Heidi MacDonald, here is an interesting and true fact. I have been mistaken for the original Heidi M. more times then I care to remember. While it is extremely flattering, we are definitely two separate people. I don't know how many times when I was doing review for 4 Color Review (circa 1999 forward) that I would get e-mails from people going "Hey Heidi, I met you at such and such con, how are ya?" and I would have to explain to them that I was not the original model, but another woman who ironically had the same first name and last initial. Too funny.

In other exciting news events, Ragnell gives a Steve Trevor shout-out that is a blast from the past. Go take a gander.

Redhead Fangirl has some quick takes on recent books. I agree with her on most of them, and think she has good taste.

For more good taste, check out Kalinara's post on annuals- especially the picture. I love to go see what she is thinking, and today is no exception!

While I am giving shout outs to the ladies in the blogosphere, I can't forget Shelly's Comic Book Shelf. She is putting some insanely cool stuff on eBay. Go check it out!

Not to forget the men here, Devon over at Seven Hells has a great post on Red Tornado and his past sacrifices. Take a look- it is really insightful!

Gordon at Blog This Pal! has an indepth review of Superman Returns that makes some great points I hadn't thought of. I always really enjoy his stuff, and this is no exception!

Enough love today, go check out the above links for some quality posts that are sometimes fun, sometimes deep. I love to go check out my fellow bloggers- so many people have so many takes on the same subject. It is always fascinating to see what they are.

Have a wonderful evening!

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