Saturday, July 08, 2006

Loathing My Fellow Mankind: A Rant

Every day this week, I have had at least one encounter with a hateful person. I don't know if it is because I am fast approaching 40, or just my luck, but all week I have had to deal with the worst elements in society, whether it be driving my car around town or at a local business. This makes me very angry and I don't know what to do about it other then taking the high road, because that is how I was raised.

Rules I was taught to live by:

1. Always say "please" and "thank you".

2. Always wait your turn. If someone was there before you, it is their right to be first.

3. Respect your elders. This one also has the caveat of especially being nice even when the said older individual is losing their mind, so they are mean as hell!

4. Treat other people as you want to be treated.

5. Be respectful of other's employment. Being in the service industry is an especially unforgiving job, so be extra polite.

What I have encountered this week: (THE REALITY)

1. A lady at the pharmacy screaming bloody murder at the tech because her prescriptions were not ready. Well, getting to the bottom of it, said angry woman called in and asked for "every prescription" on file to be filled. Two were expired and it was a Saturday, so her wish was not met. It was obviously no one at the pharmacy's fault, but that didn't stop this woman from being ugly and horrible to the tech. Horrendous.

2. At Borders, I was in line, with three people behind me. A woman in her mid-60's came up and stepped to the front of the counter, saying she "just had a question" and only needed to buy "one book". Bitch!! Well, I only had one item as well, not to mention cash in hand. The young clerk helped this lady anyway, while the hag gave all of us dirty looks for protesting.

3. My grandparents are in ill health, and are not in good moods about it. Trying to be respectful and kind while being told hurtful things is a definite challenge. How my incredible mom has been so strong and sweet is beyond me. I feel horrible for my grandparents, because quite frankly, their bodies are betraying them, and they can do nothing. Awful.

4. Once again at the grocery store, there was an incident. I really wish I could quit going there, but Jim and I have to eat!! Pissed off lady yelling at the clerk for nothing that was his fault. I wasn't involved, but was tempted to punch pissed off lady for being so cruel. The way she treated that guy, I wouldn't have treated my dog. AND IT WAS ALL ABOUT DOUBLE VS SINGLE BAGGING.

5. I was at a local restaurant eating lunch when all of a sudden there was commotion at the counter. A guy took his plate to the lady there and smashed his burger on the register because it had onions. He stormed out, and lady was left to clean up the mess.

Last, but not least, I was once again flipped off for moving my car out of a parking space "too slowly". Damn.

In non-mankind related news, I also blew out my left back tire this morning. I took it to get fixed, and had to take it back to get corrected after a policeman STOPPED me, scaring the crap out of me, and told me my wheel was wobbling. Turns out the bearing had dusted too. $400 and three hours of patiently waiting over, and it was all better. I never once had to be mean to get what I needed done.

At any rate, I just absolutely want to wash my hands of most of my fellow man. As a society, we are deteriorating into cruel assholes and there is nothing I can think of that will stop it. I will continue to practice the rules I was taught, and pray to God everyday that I don't snap myself.

God give me strength.


Erich said...

Yeah, I've worked retail for a long time (my theatre work doesn't pay the bills), and I'm often amazed at how I've been able to restrain my snarkiness. I've encountered a number of situations like this; the one that sticks in my mind was the time that a customer just put his stuff on the counter, then walked off to get something else without saying a word. Having no idea how long he would be shopping, I began ringing up the next person in line. Needless to say, when the first guy came back to discover that I DIDN'T automatically begin ringing up his merchandise in his absence (never mind that I would have been holding up the people who were actually ready to check out), he started giving me hell. I just calmly smiled and may not have assuaged him, but it did make me feel better about taking the high road, rather than responding in kind.

Carl said...

Hmmmm, perhaps you guys need to move to Florida. But then again, the rude Yankees (oops, my Southerness is showing) almost defeat the politeness of the South.
Again, it maybe that I dress like The Punisher most of the time, especially in the colder months, long black trenchcoat and all (I have a 'tropical' Punisher outfit too, ha ha!). And there's a certain amount of shock at my public character. I hold the door for people, I'm not nutty about jumping in line ahead of people headed for the same one and so on. I do get a bit pissed at the really slow snowbirds down here, a giant unpassable Caddy in the fast lane doing 55 mph in a 70 or 75mph zone, grrrrrrrr, sets my blood boiling.
Anyway, I blame the parents and the "me-want-it-now" generation. I always like to say, I was raised in Kentucky, not 'lowered' like most folks apparently were elsewhere...

Heidi Meeley said...

Erich- isn't is sad that people are so impatient and egocentric these days? I think the service industry is a tough gig, and that the people who work in it deserve every penny they get. When I see customers disrespecting them, it makes me fume.

I think to myself "go cook your own damn food then".

I like your attitude- it sure makes things easier in the long run, and probably gets to the customer more then blowing up would.

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, maybe I need to head down South. God knows the men I liked best before meeting my hubby were all Southern gentlemen. No wonder!

We have a high population of seniors in our town, so I understand the slow driving as well. Add in a complete lack of using the turn signal, and you have my town in a nutshell!

I will start wearing my Punisher shirt more often- I really like that idea. Maybe adding a machine gun wouldn't hurt either! Heh.