Saturday, April 07, 2007

Emerald City Comicon 2007: Day Two Dawns

Sunday morning we once again woke up early and ran over to breakfast. We were pleasantly surprised to see Eric, one of Jim's friends from Comic Art Fans, and several of his buddies. We had an enjoyable breakfast, dishing on past con experiences. I also had a long talk about Family Guy that got cut short by other louder discussions.

We were able to say "good morning" to Chris, Elizabeth, and Oscar again. One more Oscar stole my heart with his sweet nature and beautiful eyes. What nice people!

We rounded up our friend Brian and went down to the Event Center. As is normal on a "post-Saturday night" convention morning, it was pretty sparse. Considering the quantity of parties being held the night before, it was not surprising. Some of our friends looked a bit worse for the wear, but I won't talk out of school!

Jim went on a sketch adventure while I stayed at the booth, alternating between selling raffle tickets, vegging, and having conversations with the folks that stopped by. Laura and her husband Eric came over and said "good morning". I was very happy to see them. I told them about wanting to arm wrestle Mike Oeming and they were very supportive. It was really fun knowing that I would see Eric and Laura throughout the day.

I also checked in with Kirk and Pamela, who were doing very well. Kirk was working on a Doctor Who sketch for Laura, and he was trying to keep it hidden from her! Pamela was his partner in crime and they did a good job of it.

Brian was working over at the HERO Initiative booth, so I was able to finally meet Jim McLauchlin, who has taken a full time position with that organization. After telling him that he had gotten Top Cow back on track and letting him know I missed his presence there, the perpetual motion machine was back to selling. Is it wrong that McLauchlin reminded me a bit of Steve Buscemi?

Jim spotted me in the booth on and off so I was able to wander a bit. I bought a set of comics from Chris, and got a few Alter Ego's at the Twomorrows Publishing booth. I also walked around a bit with Pamela taking pictures. She and I ran into Matt Haley, who I teased a bit about his "Who Wants to be a Super Hero" fame. He gave me crap right back, which I fully expected. Sharp wit on that guy. A definite highlight was that Pamela remembered that Matt was a total metalhead so we were able to introduce him to Kirk. It was a complete metal moment that I was thrilled to be a part of.

Back at the booth, we decided to hold our drawing at 3 p.m. since I wanted to arm wrestle Oeming at 4 and the show ended at 5. It worked well, as two winners were present. Sean Marshall, pictured here was thrilled to win the "All Star Comics' hardcover. I wish I could remember his name,(UPDATE: Thank you Sean for letting me know) as he was really sweet about the whole thing. We drew for all prizes and were really thrilled to have raised some money for good causes. We gave half the money to HERO Initiative and the other half to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It was nice to present the money at the show, knowing it was getting into the right hands.

Being party poopers, we took the prizes that weren't claimed back to our hotel room so that nothing happened to them. This left the booth quite bare, but we figured we wouldn't get into too much doo-doo.

Before I forget, prior to our raffle, Howard Tayler came over and gave me my sketch. I am still in heaven over that one. Thank you, Howard.

After running over to our room, we were a bit late for the arm wrestling event which was now in progress.... More on that next post!


Zombie_Sean said...

Thank you very much for the all star comics hardcover. It was very kind of you. I dont usually win anything so it was nice to snag such an awesome prize. Again thank you and it was very nice meeting you all.

Sean Marshall

Kirk Jarvinen said...

Here's a link to a guessing game called "Name that Hair-Metal Band" It's way to easy, but fun.,,20016362

Poison is touring with RATT this summer--Let's go!:)


Heidi Meeley said...

Sean, you rule! Thank you so much for posting here! We were so happy when you won! It was a pleasure to meet you! You are a very deserving winner!

Take care! Thank you again!

Heidi Meeley said...

Kirk, that is too awesome! Thank you for the link!

Ratt and Poison together? That is way too cool! That is a must see! I was watching Ratt's "I Want A Woman" last night and I was wondering if they were going to tour. That is such great news. We are there!

Kirk Jarvinen said...

Here's a link talking about POISON's new album of cover songs of classic rock bands, titled: POISION'D --coming out this June.

I saw RATT back in the day (opening for MOTLEY CRUE)
but somehow I missed seeing Poison--so, I can't wait for us to hit this!

I don't know if Stephen Pearcy is back in RATT for this tour or not.

I betting he is because Jizzy Pearl left RATT last year and the band has been talking "reunion" recently--

--and, Pearcy & RATT are jamin together for the "Rocklahoma" festival on July 13-15, so keep your fingers crossed:)

Heidi Meeley said...

Kirk, that is the best news of the day! If they come 'round the way, we have to go! Thank you for the link! I have seen Ratt but not Poison, so we are in the same boat!