Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings: Basement Cleaning Edition

Yes, I am still cleaning out my basement. I have been doing so for over four weeks. It is starting to shape up nicely now, and I can actually walk around without worrying that stuff is going to fall on me. All the piles are small, and I have a handle on where everything is.

That is why my blogging has sucked eggs. Sorry about that. Every extra moment I have had has been put into getting the basement cleaned and getting ready for our first ever garage sale. I have over twenty years of stuff around this house while Jim has at least ten years worth. It has been an ordeal to say the least.

On that note, my blogging will not be back to normal until after next weekend. We have set a date for our garage sale, and it is next Saturday the 28th. I have inventory at work the Thursday and Friday right before it so it was crucial to get everything ready this weekend, leaving more minor stuff for the weekdays.

We are really excited about having a gararge sale. We will have videos, books, clothes, assorted furniture, and keepsakes. It should be a riot. Heh. My only concern is that we have no flipping idea how to price stuff. I am going to have to pick some brains to figure it out.

One question: if you had knick knacks from loved ones that are deceased or in ill health, would you hold on to them for the sentimental value or would you dispose of them? My mom went through hell when she had to clean out my grandparent's home, and has become very anti-knick knack. I don't blame her. Other then some comic book related stuff, I have never really liked to keep stuff like that. It just feels wrong to get rid of stuff my family members have made for me. Opinions?

Note to all of you: do not be like me and let crap accumulate this long. It is a nightmare. I am exhausted and upset for doing this to myself. If your stuff is starting to clutter, go through it and figure out what can go. If you don't want to have a garage sale, take stuff to Goodwill, or donate it somewhere fitting.

On that note, I am going grocery shopping with Jim and then to help a friend paint. Then he will help us next weekend with the very thrilling Jim/Heidi garage sale. Until then, have a nice day and I will see you here tomorrow. Things will be back to normal here by the July 4th weekend. Thank you for humoring an eccentric middle aged lady!


Nick said...

Feel ya. Been cleaning out loads and loads of short/long boxes to give away. Nine so far. Apt space limited.

As far as keeping things for sentimental value...use your best judgement it's kinda one of those things were you gotta think objectively...will I really be bummed if I give this keepsake away?

Total side question: You guys live around Seattle? Going there in August figured I'd pump you both for some cool places :)

Swinebread said...

I feel your pain. We’ve been cleaning out things because our new arrival that’s on the way. But after all the trips to good will and all the recycling we did it sure felt good to get rid of a lot of stuff and to organize what was left.

When comes to family heirlooms and such I guess you should ask yourself two things, do I like it and/or is it useful? If it doesn’t meet this test, get rid of it. If it’s part of a collection that you feel bad about separating you might look for a collector to take the whole kit and caboodle. I’ve heard people have a lot of success with Craig’s list but I haven’t used it myself.

Heidi Meeley said...

NIck, spring cleaning is fun, right? LOL.

I have really thought about it, and I think I will keep most of it for now. I talked to my sister and she is keeping her pretty much identical stuff. She has two boys and one collection, so if I keep mine, each nephew will get one. Is that crazy? I was feeling guilty, so now this is the perfect solution!

We live about 120 miles from Seattle, but if you let us know when, maybe we can see you there. You will have to go to Tap House for their 100 or so beers, and there are lots of awesome pubs for your eating and drinking pleasure. We love Seattle for that!

Is this your first trip?

Thanks for the help- I was really waffling.

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread, I bet you and your SO have been very busy indeed! I am glad to hear that you have achieved success there. We are going to go to Goodwill and the dump after our garage sale. Then we are going to comb through it all again to see what goes where, or if more needs to go. Fun stuff.

My problem with my limited amount of knick knacks is that my grandparents made them by hand. They hold great sentimental value, so I am just keeping them. My nephews are interested at this point in time. Whew!

Thank you for weighing in!

Swinebread said...

Hand made?!

I guess you gotta hang to 'em then

Nick said...

Yeah, I'm a first timer. I am coming up for PAX around the 28th of August. Got a hotel an everything ...I just know little if next to nothing on what all to see there.

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread- yep. Handmade. I gotta keep 'em for sure! It has thus been decided. LOL!!

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, that will be so much fun! We will have to seriously consider making the trip over! I will check around and see what would be close and would be extra cool for you to do. The most obvious thing is to hit the Space Needle and take the ride up. It is pretty damn cool.

Also, while you are by the Needle, check out the Experience Music Project, which is right by it. The interactive stuff and the memorabilia are very awe inspiring!

More as I think of it... I am way psyched!