Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

Well, here I am. I woke up this morning as a 40 year old.

I sure don't feel any differently. My workout was great, and I ran errands like normal. It doesn't seem like anything has changed.

This is good news!

The bad news is that it is 107 degrees out. I HATE this! I am sitting here in the house as much as possible until this afternoon, as that is when the house really seems to heat up. We don't have central air, just a window unit and a swamp cooler. It does an excellent job of keeping things cool when the outside temperature is in the 90's, but when it goes over 100, it really pushes it. Poor air conditioner.

As soon as Jim gets off work, we are going to go get big juicy steaks for birthday dinner, hopefully somewhere nice and air conditioned. Then we are going to try and go see Clerks 2. After that, we are winging it. I am hoping for a nice big cocktail before the evening is over as well!

It should definitely be a good afternoon, especially if we can escape the worst part of the heat.

Tomorrow is another hot one, as is Monday. Tuesday it starts to cool down, hopefully, so I am looking forward to that.

At any rate, being 40 doesn't feel any different then 39 did. I am happy to be sitting here feeling good physically, being fit and healthy. I have a good husband, a semi-successful career, and good friends and family. Not to mention my beloved blog!

Life is good.


Carl said...

Welp, when I turned 40 (3 years ago) I noted that I could out-work, out-last and pretty keep going when most of my friends 10 to 20 years my junior were gasping for air. And since I am married, have kids and a firm sense of identity and security, I don't have a lot of the bizarre hang-ups and self-esteem problems they sometimes seem to let rule their lives. Sure, I would love to be me with my knowledge at various ages but since that's not going to happen, while I might have somethings that bother me, for the most part I'm happy with life. I look at my friends my age and I count my blessings, since many of them are on 3rd or more marriages and have kids they never see but maybe once a year if then. Yeah, I get this "you're old" bs now again and when I out-do them or sandbag stupid yout's with my experience, I enjoy being '40something' very much...

Heidi Meeley said...

You know that the last couple of days I have been enjoying being 40 for real? It is kind of nice to know that I made it this far, and that I have a wonderful family and friends, and a decent life.

I also have already noticed that my new age makes people take me more seriously. Very interesting.

Now if I could just rid myself of the whole aging thing!

Amen Carl.