Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Murder Mystery!

While checking out Newsarama for the January solicitations, I noticed that in Green Arrow/ Black Canary #4 there is apparently a new death on the DCU hit list. Noting this, I figured why wait to see who it is when I can guess now!! Murder mysteries are alwasy compelling that way, even if the end result is a bit of a downer.

Firstly, is it a guy or a girl?

In looking at the outline of the picture, the arms are a bit beefy, so my first thought is that it must be a man. Then I look at the outline of the head and think that it must be a woman. This confuses me already so I will have to put on my thinking cap.

Could it be Black Canary? My odds say no. In an interview with Judd Winick, it appears that she has dodged the bullet for now. My guess would be that if it is a woman, it could be Mia (Speedy). The only hole in that theory is that I always thought that Mia would LIVE with HIV, so she would be around for awhile. This takes her out of the forefront for me, because plotwise it doesn't fit.

Maybe it is an Amazon? They wouldn't have killed Hyppolyta so quickly after bringing her back, and I can't imagine that if it was an Amazon that Wonder Woman would stay in the background while Ollie mourned. It must be someone closer to Ollie then to Diana.

If it is a guy, who would it be? I see Connor in the background of the picture, so he is off the hook as far as I can tell. I don't think it would be Roy Harper either as he has just been established as a Justice League member and there are rumblings of a rebooted Titans that feature him on the team.

If it isn't someone in the "Arrow" family, who could it be?

This leads me back to Black Canary, even though I think it would be too obvious.

All this thinking has just confused me again. I am asking for your help on this. Who do you think it laying there? I am missing someone obvious to be sure. Help my poor, tired brain solve this murder mystery.

Anyone care to take a guess?


Swinebread said...

Well the body doesn’t have mega-huge fake boobs so it's probably a dude...

...but they sure like killin' their women though...

Oh Boy! DC kills again… SNORE….

Carl said...

Hell, I'm so behind, I don't know who's alive or dead in the current DCU. At least Superman's not crying again, so that's something...

Eaglewing said...

I have no idea, but it's gotta be safe to assume that since they obviously seem to want people to think it's Black Canary, it most likely isn't.

My bet though is that it's part of the beginning of the mother of all event crossovers between Marvel and DC and in a freak slip streaming, time shifting accident, Green Arrow was rescued by Deadpool but it resulted in the death of one Agent of Hydra, Bob. This will send major tidal waves of nipples...um...ripples, through both universes climaxing in a fight to the Finnish capital of Helsinki to find the missing Golden Globes of Gratuitousness before nothing will ever be sane again! Superman vs Hulk! Batman vs Iron Man! Wonder Woman vs Rogue! Cyclops vs Wolverine! um...oops...Deadpool vs Sanity! Pre order today!

Ok, I gotta get some sleep :) But it does seem desperate and stunt-ish to have both a fake "death" and a real death in one book just 4 issues in. Where do they go next?

Lisa said...

Craig and I agree, probably Connor, since the body looks more manly and they just started a Speedy plot.

Ragtime said...

I've got three things:

1. They blocked out the body, but not the pose, which is the classic "Pieta" pose of Mary holding dead Jesus.

2. The pose is used an a biblical allusion when a parent holds a dead child. Therefore, I say it is Connor.

3. I think that during Dragon's Blood (the book of which comes out at about the same time), Connor becomes immortal, or something (my memory isn't that good), so while I think he is "dead" on the cover, I don't think he's really dead.

Anonymous said...


Seriously, I have no idea who it could be. With the preview cover slight of hand they often pull, it wouldn't surprise me if it were Conner after all (despite the background image).

I coulda sworn I read somewhere that the post-Infinite Crisis DC was supposed to be a brighter, sunnier place.

Guess not.

Heidi Meeley said...

I love all your thoughts about this! I am running late tonight so I will be back tomorrow with my comments!