Friday, October 12, 2007

The Last Cover: Y The Last Man #60

Y The Last Man #60
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While perusing Newsarama, I stumbled upon the last cover for Y The Last Man, which is ending at issue #60. Seeing the cover filled me with great sadness as I have really enjoyed reading this series and have grown quite fond of the characters.

Seeing this makes me think that Yorick may die, even though his legacy will live on. Either that or he is captured and put to use as a "stud" that will help repopulate the earth. Seeing the toy monkey and the child makes me wonder if maybe Ampersand might not make it and if Yorick's children will inherit the earth.

It could be any of these things, or maybe, as my hubby suggests, the whole thing has just been a dream. Yorick has gone insane and is living inside himself. This entire run may have been very Dallas-like in how it has played out.

Hmmmm. Very fascinating.

Y fans out there- what do you think?


Lisa said...

Dream of a crazy man was my first thought when I saw this cover.

GeneralBobby said...

I've been reading this in trade format and am waiting for the last 2 issues to come out so I can finish the story.I will still love the book no matter the ending,but an "It was all a dream" ending is always cheap.If it's Yorrick relating this story to his child as an old man I'd be happy.

Nick said...

Looking at the cover, yeah the whole "it was a dream/hallucination" seems valid.

In general I think BKV's ending will be good either long as Yorick doesn't get killed off....then it will suck ass...and I'll be yelling some obscenities.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, that is what Jim was thinking too. God I hope it isn't Dallas all over again!

Heidi Meeley said...

Wknapik- It would be cool if it was Yorick telling a child a tale instead of a dream. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

This book really translates well in trade. That is how I first started picking it up as well.

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, you and I are in agreement. I really don't want them to kill Yorick. The dude deserves a ripe old age. Hopefully he doesn't miss 355 too much and do something stupid!!