Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feeling Mixed Emotions: Catwoman #72

Catowman #72
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If making a reader feel uncomfortable and upset is a writing feat, Will Pfeifer has scored a home run with me. Catwoman #72 broke my heart. After seeing Selina reach for the heights of goodness as a new mother to knowing that she is destined to go back to a life of crime, my emotions ran the gamut.

Adam Hughes' amazingly fitting cover and David Lopez' incredible interiors only served to heighten my already distraught feelings. Selina's feelings of helplessness and her ultimate decision put me on a roller coaster ride.

At the end of this issue, part of me was furious. How dare Pfeifer do this to Selina? After all she went through to become a mommy and the nostalgia of her feelings for the father, it flat hurt to watch her do what she did. How is Slam going to feel?

The writing is on the wall and on the "...and evil shall inherit the earth" poster. Selina is going to be a criminal again. It makes me sick and it disgusts me but I know I will continue to pick up the book to witness the journey. I care about the character and want the best for her, so knowing that she is going back to her old ways is sad.

Is it strictly plot license or is it a more permanent change? Only time will tell. This is one time that I am willing to sit back and buy a ticket for the ride.


Nick said...

No matter what people may think, Pfeifer can write a good story, even if it does tear at your heart.

Selina did the right thing though.

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, I have to agree. A story that can get me this worked up has to be at least partially because of the excellent execution of it!

My heart aches for Selina, as giving up a child would be the hardest thing I could ever think of doing. Was it right? Probably. Do I like it. Nope.

Great writing and great art. Tough story to take.

Melchior del DariƩn said...

Yeah, CW #72 broke my heart, too, especially due to the care that the artist has been taking to provide Helena with "realistic" facial expressions and reactions since she showed up OYL.

On the meta/big picture side, though, my emotions were undercut somewhat because I could kind of see this coming, and the baby was being deployed as a plot complication that needed to be resolved somehow down the line ...

My feeling is that it would have been worthwhile to see Selina be both a (good) mother and Catwoman. Since the DC folks made the decision for her to have a child, I think they should have followed through with the concept and allowed us to read stories about a smart, talented, modern woman doing her job (kicking evil doers' asses) and raising her daughter, too.

Heidi Meeley said...

Melchior, you said it so well here. It cuts both ways. I would have loved to have Selina be a mom for a bit longer, but I do prefer this solution to having Helena die. That would have made me furious!!

Your comment made me smile because I feel so similarly.

Anonymous said...
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