Monday, October 22, 2007

New Comics for October 24

Authority Prime #1
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Time is closing in on Halloween and I am still debating about a costume. As you know, I have been going back and forth about what to wear. Unfortunately, the kid's costumes won't fit and I don't feel like being a sexy referree. Arggghh!

I will figure it out sooner then later! Otherwise I will be going as a middle aged woman, and how damn boring is that!

Here is my list of this week's comics.

Authority Prime #1 (pictured)
Blue Beetle #20
Countdown #27
Flash #233
Gen 13 #13- ooohhh, spooky!
Gotham Underground #1 (of 8)
Green Arrow Year One #6 (of 6)
Green Lantern Corps #17
Loveless #20
Tales of the Sinestro Corps Superman Prime #1
Teen Titans #52
Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #2 (of 8)
Madame Mirage #3
PVP #35
Black Panther #31
Daredevil #101
She-Hulk 2 #22
Thunderbolts #117
Ultimate Spider-Man #115
X-Men #204

That is my list for the week. It is huge again!


Anonymous said...

"That is my list for the week. It is huge again!"

"Again"? Heidi...your list is always huge! LOL!

As for me, here's what's on tap:

1. Flash: I just checked out a preview featuring the work of the new artist, and I'm not jumping for joy over it. It's not BAD art...but just not as dynamic as Acuna's. I realze Acuna's work is highly polarizing (people either seem to like it or, on the other hand, hate it with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns). I guess I'm in the former camp. I'm really bored by the "Incredible" riff that Waid is so self-amused by, so this may be the last issue of Flash for least until Barry comes back (I can dream).

2. Action Comics and Superman: WooHoo! Two titles in one week! About time DC started working out the scheduling nightmares of its flagship character (namely by getting rid of some notoriously slow and unprofessional artists).

3. Green Lantern Corps: The Sinestro Corps storyline is simply the best superhero story to come down the pike in years. I haven't been this excited (and entertained) about a comic book story since the original Crisis.

4. Tales of Sinestro Corps SuperMAN Prime: I've enjoyed all of the Sinestro Corps tie-ins...and this should be no exception. Still, I'm dreading the legal maneuvering they'll have to do around his Superboy past.

5. Lone Ranger: Yeah! A new issue is out! I'm really enjoying this series...despite the somewhat slow pacing (or in more euphamistic terms "cinematic pacing").

In the "maybe stack":

1. Daredevil: You know, there's so much accumulated angst with this title, it's hard for me to crank up the enthusiasm to buy it on a regular basis. Daredevil truly is the "Charlie Brown" of the superhero set...and too much of the kite in the tree and the football getting yanked away can get to be a real drag after awhile.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, my list is indeed always unruly! I can't argue that. :-) God knows I try, but I never win on that one.

I am interested to see this issue of Flash after your comments. I haven't seen the new stuff yet, so it should be fascinating. Hopefully Waid does the job here so you don't go away from the book...

Two Superman titles in one week? Thank you for pointing that out. That is awesome! I can't wait for Gary Frank to come on Action.

GL Corps has brought me back to enjoying what I was tired of. It has been a joy to read this story for me as well. Too bad about the delays on GL #25. Yuck.

I have been getting the tie-ins as well and really enjoying them. Good stuff.

Lone Ranger- Yay! I just love this book and I am happy to see you are enjoying it as well.

I see what you are saying about Daredevil. Everytime I waver and want to drop the book, Ed Brubaker pulls some genius writing out of his hat!!

Great list this week, Mark! Enjoy!

Lisa said...

This is a pretty hefty Wednesday new comic book wise, so don't feel too bad that you've got a longer list.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, you are right about that! Our shop had the entire counter overflowing with books. Even Jim had a decent stack and he has cut back to almost nothing. He lives vicariously through me. LOL!! Nah, he just has more self control..