Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is This Gratuitous: Sorrow #2 Cover

Sorrow #2 Cover
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In wandering the internet looking at next week's books, we stumbled upon the cover for the Image Comics book Sorrrow. A four issue mini-series, the book is "a modern take on the classic ghost story". The town of Sorrow, Nevada reads population zero, but the locals know better. Four "young travelers" are stranded in Sorrow and soon find out that the town is not as quiet as it should be.

At any rate, the cover caught my eye because the chick on the front's shirt is wide open and she is about ready to take a shot of what appears to be whiskey. If I didn't know better I would say it looks like she is trying to entice the bad guys rather then hide from them. The girl also has an oddly come hither look for a scary comic book. These things make me think that the cover is a bit gratuitous.

Since this is not the attire I would pick if I would stranded in a ghost town, I have no choice but to make this cover my candidate.

Here is the skinny on the issue:


32 PAGES, BW, $2.99

Things get worse as Danni is introduced to the residents of Sorrow, and Nevada and Dalton come face-to-face with the unspeakable evil responsible for Mike's recent transformation. Meanwhile, the sheriff continues his relentless pursuit of the escaped girls with the help of the monster known as Black Dog."

The book actually sounds pretty cool, but I am a bit distracted by the cover at this point.

What do you think?

Is this gratuitous?


Vaklam said...

Yeah, gratuitous. Remender's not known for his subtlety so this cover's pretty much par for the course.

Lisa said...

Yep on this one. It's glaring at me from the comic book rack right now.

Eaglewing said...

I haven't read the title, but is the chick in the open shirt one of the ghosts? That might make a little more sense for her attire and look - a ghostly femme fatale instead of one of the scared travelers. However, either way, yeah the cover is gratuitous - it's clear what demographic they're shooting for.

zhinxy said...

Gratuitous! Oooh, this one's easy!

Remender73 said...

I think your mustache is lacking in subtlety as well, Vaklam.

Anyone read the comic?

FredFredBurger said...

Nice issue. I have read only this one and, though it is for older kids and/or adults, I think it is well done. And, yes, the cover is a bit gratuitous, but no more so than, say, some old death lock comics from many years ago.

Anonymous said...

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