Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quick Take Reviews for October 21

Checkmate #19
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Red Sonja #26- The book slinks slowly towards the big battle with Kulan Gath as the readers take in a flashback of a woman crucial to Gath’s existence.

The Good: the really kick ass David Mack cover and the fact that the battle is finally, maybe here.

The Bad: I am getting really impatient with the book.

Grade: C.

Devi #14- Devi and Kratha beat the crap out of each other while “Horseman of the White Steed” enters the fray. Lots of ass kicking and trash talk ensue.

The good: I am enjoying the action here. The fight scenes are awesome.

The bad: I am not thrilled with the art.

Grade: C.

Snakewoman: Tales of the Snake Charmer #4- Easily my favorite Virgin Comics offering. In this issue, Jessica has awakened with the awareness that she has met Sari, the snake charmer and that Raj is the Cobra King, Jessica’s chosen mate. Thing get ugly real fast as the 68 are out to find the Snakewoman.

The Good: I really enjoyed the back-story of gem and was excited that new key players have fallen into place.

The Bad: The fact that Virgin rebooted this character’s book so soon. I would have been happy if the original title would have continued.

Grade: B.

The Sword #1- Dara wakes up to a normal day that goes quickly awry as a deadly secret is revealed. This is easily the best new offering I have read in a long time. The Luna Brothers have another hit on their hands.

The Good: Most first issues make the mistake of trying to pack too much into the book or being too evasive. This issue doesn’t make that mistake as we are introduced to characters that each have a role to play in taking the book to the next level. I appreciate the Luna Brothers’ tag team approach to creating, and it has worked well for them. The third time seems to be the charm here.

The Bad: Nothing bad to say at this time.

Grade: A.

Birds of Prey #111- Tony Bedard turns things around with a simple tale of what happens when the Calculator meets Oracle. This is the type of story Bedard excels at telling.

The good: As much as I missed Nicola Scott’s art, Jason Orfalas ably filled in here. I loved the story being told, period. The setting was great, and the fact that Oracle and Calculator broke bread together was genius.

The Bad: That the story had to end. I enjoyed it.

Grade: B.

Checkmate #19- This book continues to thrill me as the inevitable confrontation with Amanda Waller nears its climax. “The Wall” must resort to dirty tricks and blackmail, which are two things she excels at.

The Good: Waller is an exquisite piece of work, and writer Greg Rucka has really captured her. Watching Sasha undergo interrogation while the rest of the players take their places on the field was compelling. I can hardly wait to see how this ends.

The Bad: No bad comments on this one.

Grade: A.


Swinebread said...

I wonder how Red sonja would read as a trade...?

Lisa said...

Looks like I will have to read The Sword. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not, but since you give it an A I simply must see for myself.

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread- that is a great thought. It might actually work much better because the wait between issues would be gone.

Kind of like 100 Bullets, it may read better as an entire story arc.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, The Sword really surprised me. It made an impression that I definitely did not see coming.

Let me know what you think, or I will go troll your blog to check it out... LOL!

mohaps said...


nice to know you enjoyed the action sequences of DEVI 14... #15 amps it up even further :)

Saurav Mohapatra