Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rock of Love: The Decision is Made

As you know, I have been glued to my television set throughout the duration of the season of Rock of Love. As an '80's metal chick, it has been fascinating for me to watch Poison frontman Bret Michaels look for love in a reality dating show. If you would have told me 20 years ago that this was going to happen, I know I would have never believed it.

Fast forward 20 years and here we are. Nice.

After a flurry of dating activity, Bret narrowed the field down to Heather, a fun loving entertainer from Vegas, and Jes, the down to earth Chicago girl who is just 23 years old. These two ladies are night and day in every way possible. Heather is 32 and has been there, done that. She wants to be with Bret and that is it, end of story. Jes is more quiet and reserved in her feelings. It is obvious that she likes Bret, but she has not been as open about the bottom line. To see the showdown here was an eye opener.

Bret took the women to Cabo San Lucas for a final date with each. In both situations, his diabetic condition came up. While dune buggying with Heather, she was shown to be unsympathetic to his health. When it was Jes' turn, she looked a bit frightened. It made me really wonder if this was ultimately a test.

Both dates got hot and heavy and only God knows what happened after the cameras left. I know that Heather professed her love while Jes tried to let her guard down. At the end of the dates, it looked pretty obvious that Jes would win.

And she did.

Bret asked the girls if they would share him and Heather said yes while Jes said no. In Heather's mySpace, she comments that this is untrue and that the scene was altered, but we may never know for sure. It seems to come down to this because Bret sends Heather packing and brings a crying Jes forward for some serious make out action. Meanwhile, Heather is clearly unhappy, and speaks her mind. Check out Heather's full entry on her page for the skinny there.

In the end Jes is the winner and it looks like happy ever after.... except for the fact that in a VH-1 blog interview, Jes states that she has only seen Bret once since the finale. This is not a good sign.

The Flavor of Love blogspot has expanded to cover Rock of Love, and upon some investigation stumbled upon a strange thing. It appears Jes could be pretty chummy with a fella in Chitown. Heather has also altered her mySpace and Bret is now pretty much nowhere to be found. The fall out isn't going to be pretty.

The reunion is the Sunday at 8 p.m. Regular viewers, note the time is different then when the show would usually air. My prediction is that Bret is going to walk away single and that the ladies will continue with their lives, full of reality celebrity fame. I have read that the second season of Rock of Love is casting, so it is anyone's guess what will happen next.

Stay tuned for next week's reactions to the reunion. With Lacey, Tiffany, Brandy C., Brandi M, and the rest of the party animals coming back, it is sure to get ugly. I am just praying there were no physical altercations!

Opinions, anyone? Or are you just relieved it is over? Heh.


Eaglewing said...

can't say as I ever watched the show, but your blogs on it have been fun to read. I like the fact he might have tested the gals with his health bit, but in the end these stunts never last anyway. They got 15 minutes of fame, and he probably got some money out of it. Party on...

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, Rock of Love was very entertaining! I am glad you got enjoyment from my descriptions of it.

I was actually surprised that Bret waited so late in the game to see if the girls could handle his diabetes. Since it is type 1, and he has been dealing with so long, I would have thought it would be more important. Not that it matters at this point, like you say. I am pretty sure that the girls have moved on, which is a bit of a bummer. I am a bit of a romantic, so I was hoping for true love, but it doesn't seem like it is in the cards.

I appreciate your take on it. I think you have it spot on!