Thursday, October 18, 2007

Food for Thought: This Season's Top Halloween Costumes!

Pirate Man
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Once again I went online and perused costumes. I went to, a popular internet Halloween site and looked around for a bit. What struck me was the fact that Halloween Mart is tracking it's top selling items for men, women, and children. Hopefully with no hardship from them, I would like to share those lists.

1. Referee
2. Jail Bait
3. Gothic Black Fairy
4. Lacy Pirate
5. Strip Search Sally
6. Bohemian Go Go Girl
7. Shimmer Witch
8. Gangster Moll
9. Geisha
10. Vixen Pirate Wench

1. Police Officer
2. Pirate Man
3. Tavern Man
4. Ghostly Gentleman
5. Chick Magnet
6. Evil Jester
7. Gun Slinger
8. Heart On
9. Shackles the Clown
10. Sinister Minister

1. Power Rangers
2. Candy Clown
3. Petite Pirate
4. Wayward Clown
5. Superman Returns
6. Headless Horseman
7. Regal Princess
8. GoGo Girl Yellow
9. Dr. Toxic
10. Sumo Inflatable Child

Interesting, huh? What I noticed is that most of the women's choices leaned towards the sexy while the men's outfits were more "tough guy" or "cool guy". The kid's outfits sounded really fun to me, so I was a bit sad to have outgrown that size.

Thanks to your thoughts and much searching I am narrowing it down. I definitely know I will not be going as a "strip search sally" or a "jailbait. I wonder if I could get the guy's gun slinger outfit and modify it? I certainly wouldn't fit the bill of "chick magnet". LOL!!

Whew! Decisions, decisions. I just want to be a princess, dammit!!!

Have a great one!


Lisa said...

Wait, you don't want to be a "80's Aerobic Instructor" or a "Ganja man?"

that place has some wierd costumes!

Anonymous said...

Wow...those lists are such a great insight into human nature as a whole.

Both the women and men lists start off with respectable authority figures dedicated to order and fair play.....but then end with a vixen pirate wench and a sinister minister.

KInda the full gamut of humanity there, I'd say!

"Police Officer" as number one for men? That was a bit of a surprise. I would have assume dit would be something on the sillier/horn-doggier side.

"Strip Search Sally"? Any relation to Mustang Sally?

Well, good luck on your costume search, Heidi. The annual party we usually attend is tomorrow night (can't remember why it was moved), so I have even LESS time to slap something together. Oh well...sometimes putting a costume together quickly is more fun than weeks of planning and creating.

Eaglewing said...

Interesting lists to be sure. I think you're right that the kids list sounds like more fun though. From the title, something like "wayward clown" could be wide open to imaginative wackiness.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I about died of laughter when I saw those costumes. It even got nuttier as there is a couple's set of outfits that is genatalia. Crazy stuff to say the least! :-)

It was fun to go through that site and wonder who created these outfits!

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, I was really intrigued by the lists. Considering that people actually chose to buy these outfits, it made me wonder what kind of parties they were going to. :-)

I will check your blog to see what you decided to wear to your party. If I see no evidence, do me a favor and tell me what you put together. You are so creative that I am dying to know what you did!

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, the kid's list definitely made me want to be young again! Some of the costume names were just plain cool!