Monday, October 08, 2007

New Comics for October 10

Spider-Man/Red Sonja #3
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What a day it has been! On my way to work this morning, it was dark, which always bums me out. On the way home tonight, after exercising, the darkness added some rain, reminding me that it is definitely fall. The good news is that I had a pleasant Monday, and had a great workout. Hopefully I can get some more like that one in before the end of the week.

In comic book news, it looks like a big stack for me this week. I am happy to see both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl on the list and am anxious to see the fall out from the Green Arrow/Black Canary wedding in the first issue of that new series. Hopefully this is a good omen that there is tons of great reading ahead of me!

Here is the list!

Black Adam The Dark Age #3 (of 6)
Booster Gold #3
Green Arrow Black Canary #1
Green Lantern #24
Stormwatch PHD #12
Sucide Squad: Raise the Flag #2 (of 8) - which reminds me to e-mail Elayne!
Wonder Girl #2 (of 6)
Wonder Woman #13
First Born #2 (of 3)
Fantastic Four #550
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24
New Avengers #35
New Warriors #5
Punisher Max #51
Punisher War Journal #12
Spider-Man Red Sonja #3 (of 5) - pictured
Wolverine #58
X-Factor #24

Whew. Lot's of books this week! I may get a bit nit picky at the the store and not get all these, depending on how I feel. Financially, I trimmed quite a bit out of December's Previews so I feel great about that.

Have a wonderful evening! I will be back tomorrow!


Eaglewing said...

Thanksgiving up here in Canada, so if I had that list I'd say I'm thankful for Punisher Max, Wolverine, and X-Factor ;-) Then I'll stay tuned for your thoughts on the ongoing DC wedding madness (helluva honeymoon, that. thank you newsarama forums :) Have they put out the GA/BC Wedding Cake #1 yet? Followed by the special GA/BC Wedding Cake Icing #1 and the limited edtion GA/BC Wedding Candles #1 with appearance by The Blaze! Order Now! ...I jest, of course, as I can't keep track of all the DC #1's I see on lists of late :)

John Holland said...

I just purchased the Kevin Smith book and am about halfway through it. It's amazing that he really does have a boring life but he manages to make it interesting enough to read about.

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglwing, Happy late Thanksgiving! I hope it was a nice time!

I like what you are thankful for, and echo that sentiment! As for the wedding madness, I will keep you posted. I am ready for the wedding themed stuff as well! A cake??!! Too funny!

You made me laugh- thank you!

Heidi Meeley said...

John, I am glad you are enjoying the Kevin Smith book. It is pretty funny how such a big name can have such a mundane life. I love how he is blunt and humorous about things. It was a fun read to be sure!