Monday, October 29, 2007

New Comics for October 31

Dynamo 5 #8
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Having new comics on Halloween just seems cool, you know? It is like a double celebration- getting good stuff to read and going out and having good stuff to eat. Unfortunately, I am going to be home that night, wondering if we will get any trick or treaters. Last year we had none!

This week's list is once again ugly. Nothing new there, and I am sucked into buying some of the Countdown crossovers which makes me mad at myself. I must repent... somehow.

Here is the list!

Action Comics #858
American Virgin #20
Batman #670
Countdown to Adventure #3 (of 8)
Countdown #26
Countdown to Mystery #2 (of 8)
DC Infinite Halloween Special #1
Death of the New Gods #2 (of 8)
JSA Classified #31
Justice Society of America #10
Trials of Shazam #9 (of 12)
Dynamo 5 #8 - pictured!
Necromancer Pilot Season #1
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter First Death #2 (of 2)
New X-Men #43

Hardly any Marvel this week, so it is once again a DC-centered bag. Jeez, I have got to get to the bottom of this.

Have a wonderful evening and I will see you here tomorrow!


Lisa said...

DC has a ton of mini series out this week - that's part of what makes it seem like there is so much more DC than Marvel stuff. And it is, once again, a pretty small week for Marvel. I think they've got almost as many trades coming out this week as single issues.

Nick said...

Honestly Marvel just doesn't have anything out that is really wowing anybody. I may get flax for saying that but, it's true, and I think I a general portion of people are just burned out on all these events, and Marvel seems to be getting hit the worst.

Kinda surprised your sticking with the Countdown weekly, that thing has been DRAAGIN.

Heidi Meeley said...

Irfan, thank you so much for the kind words! You have good taste and I am happy to see you here!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I noticed that today. Good Grief did Marvel have a lot of trades. Did you get much play on them?

As for DC, I am struggling because there is so much good stuff coming out lately and it is hard to pick. Some of the mini series have beeen quite good even though I want to boycott! It is absolutely crazy!!

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, everytime I want to drop Countdown, my gut tells me there is going to be a big payoff. I hope it is right or I will have to fire it. LOL! I am mostly getting Countdown for the Mary Marvel, Holly, and Donna Troy stuff. I am really crossing my fingers that I am right.

As for Marvel, I enjoy stuff like Punisher, X-Factor, New X-Men, Anita Blake, and Powers. Otherwise, I really debate from week to week. Oh yeah, and Ed Brubaker is THE MAN on Captain America and Daredevil. Otherwise I am pretty disenchanted as well. You will get no flack for me on that!! :-)