Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rock Of Love: The Final Word

I know some of you will be very happy to know that Rock of Love is officially done now. The reunion show was shown on VH-1 Sunday night and unfortunately no one rode off into the sunset.

The bad news is that it is over for now.

The good news is that there appears to be a Rock of Love 2 in the works. Well, it's good news for me!

Here are some highlights and my thoughts about the reunion.

Surprising no one, Jes, the winner, came out and gave Bret the cold shoulder, letting him know that she thought he should have picked Heather. Rather then being annoyed, I actually applaud her for being upfront that she has moved on and doesn't want to be with him. It sounds like there was little to no communication for the last six months because Bret was on the road and Jes went back to her life. As much as I like Jes, and admire her maturity and spirit, I am glad to see that she and Bret are not going to end up a couple. It wouldn't be fair to her at this point in her life, and Bret is always going to be a road dog. I think he would be better off with a more kindred spirit.

What surprised me was how shocked Bret seemed to be when Jes told him her thoughts. I think he was ready to have a relationship and was caught a bit off guard when she was blunt about it not working. I don't think Bret is used to being dumped, you know?

Heather, the runner up, was still very hurt by losing. I think she really loves Bret and wanted an explanation. She and Bret seem to have great chemistry, so I think it boils down to Bret being very attracted to Jes, but also being scared of how serious things could get with Heather. It was nice to see Heather and Bret come to terms with things. I also appreciated that Heather and Lacey made up.

Speaking of Lacey, there was no one else on the show who got as much time as she did. She had a confrontation with Dallas about their big fight and gave him a mean spirited t-shirt. Brandi M. came up and told the audience that she wanted off the show when she found out that Bret had slept with Lacey. This wasn't refuted by Lacey, so obviously there was lots of the naughty going on there.

Lacey ended her spot with a performance of a song called "Shallow". Her band Nocturne sounded pretty good, but I was unimpressed by Lacey's vocals. I have also heard that the supposed song she wrote about the show is actually on youTube and is seen in a performance from 5/12/05. Nice try, Lacey.

Kristia and Brandi C. gave the audience an eye-full with a Romy and Michelle themed matching outfit presentation. Both are as goofy as ever, and seemed ready to date Bret again. Evidently they are now roommates, so God knows that is a VH-1 show in the making!

My favorite cast member Rodeo came out and told Bret she wanted a second chance. Bret seemed to waver a bit, but in extra clips on VH-1, he asked her to dinner. Hopefully the two can at least be friends. Rodeo is a good egg.

I enjoyed the reunion show but thought it was way to short for what was covered. I am hoping to see an extended version either on iTunes or on the inevitable DVD. I would also like to see a "where are they now" segment a year from now to catch up.

Rock of Love captured my imagination and gave me a fun show to watch when I needed to de-stress. I enjoyed getting caught up in the drama and rooting for the ladies while booing Lacey.

It would be funny to see Lacey and her dad do a "I Love New York" type of show, so I am anxious to see if that happens. I am also curious to see if Bret comes back for Rock of Love 2 or if there is a new rocker ready to find love. One thing I know for sure is that I really had a good time watching the show and losing myself in the drama rather then being a part of it myself!


Eaglewing said...

Most 'reality' shows are just crap, but every now and then something works and entertains. Maybe I'll have to catch some of the next one. Or maybe not :) Nice finale rundown, though.

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, you are sweet to be so kind. I drive my hubby crazy with my reality television viewing, but he didn't mind Rock of Love too much. It wasn't quite as riotous as Flavor of Love, and it had a heavy metal edge, which I loved. I did get a bit sick of hearing "Every Rose has it's Thorn" all the time though!! :-)

If you ever get the chance, you should check it out and let me know what you think!