Monday, June 26, 2006

Creators I Would Like to Take To Dinner #4- Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker
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Ed Brubaker is an example of someone I have been able to meet at a convention that I would like to have had more time to converse with. He has a razor sharp wit, and a snappy way of dressing that sets him apart from other creators. I believe my husband even called him a "magnificent bastard" because his work on Daredevil is so great he couldn't bring himself to drop the book.

Brubaker's work in both novels and comic books has been marked for his ability to draw out possibilities that haven't occurred to the reader. His style of writing enables him to up the ante without disapointing. It has been intriguing to watch him work his magic on Captain America and Daredevil. He has made the titles MUST READS each month. He has also set the bar exceptionally high for every creator that has to follow him. I wouldn't envy them.

For sheer style, grit, and wit, Ed Brubaker easily makes my list of creators to get dinner with.

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