Monday, June 26, 2006

Creators I Would Like to Take To Dinner #3- Frank Cho

Frank Cho
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
A quick confession- I have been lucky enough to have dinner with the magnificent Frank Cho and it was one of the best creator experiences I have had, bar none. Frank is so cool it is hard to know where to start, so here's to diving in...

Frank is exceptionally talented. His artwork is glorious. His style is unique too. I can always tell a Frank Cho drawing from 100 paces. His women are sexy but pure- an anomaly not many other creators can duplicate. His male characters run the gamut between studly and spudly to full comic effect. As an artist, Frank is at the top of his game.

He is funny as hell to boot. What a great sense of humor, Frank has. From his great work on Liberty Meadows to his miss-nothing converation lines, he has a whip sharp wit that is unmistakible. I could talk to him for hours.

Frank is a wonderful husband and father. He has always placed family first and I respect that. His wife Carri seems like a great catch, and he really appreciates her. His daughters are gorgeous, and appear to be following in Dad's footsteps. I really respect Frank's commitment to his family because it is genuine, and he is honest about it.

If I ever get the chance to have dinner with Frank again, I would jump at it. Frank is Classy with a capital "C", but still manages to draw boobies in a non-threatening manner. That is skill!

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