Monday, June 26, 2006

New List: Creators I Would Eat Dinner With Versus Creators I find Completely Unappealing

Okay, here's the deal. After going through my list of comic book heroes who would be good or bad dates, I decided to take things one step further and talk about creators who would be good or bad dates. Then I re-thought it. As a married woman who is very happy in her current situation, calling out actual people for dates is over the line. How about making it a list of creators I would love to eat dinner with versus creators I would cross to the other side of a convention to avoid? This seemed more realistic and less embarrassing for the parties involved.

I don't know if all these gentlemen are married or single, so I would like to apologise beforehand to their wives and/or significant others. I in no way am endorsing that I am going to turn groupie and pursue your man. I just want to sit down and have some dinner and good conversation.

That is the scoop, so bear with me in knowing that it is all in good fun and might even make a point or two.

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