Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hot Comic Book Dates #1- Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne
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Yeah, I know he is Batman, but so what? Bruce Wayne is hot as hell. He is richer then God, with looks that cause the ladies to swoon. The fact that he beats up bad guys every night just means that no one will ever successfully mess with you, because he will take them down.

Bruce has access to the latest gadgets, just like the Black Panther, but he also doesn't have the skank factor at such a high level. There is the weird deal with the younger male partners, but we can make that a positive if we think about their hotness factor as well. Eye candy central, here we come.

The secret weapon here is that we would have Alfred in our lives. Alfred is the bomb. He is smart, crafty, and makes a mean soufle. How hot is that?

Ultimately, Bruce Wayne is the hottest of all because he is the complete package. Nice ass, smart as hell, and complete with the coolest butler on earth. How can it get any better? We know how to ge Bruce over his angst, don't we ladies??

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