Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hot Comic Book Dates #4- Captain America

Captain America
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Talk about your hotties- Captain America is about as attractive as it gets. Blond hair, blue eyes, and a perfect body that could stop traffic all combine to make Captain America the ultimate American date.

Steve Rogers is a little old fashioned, coming from a period where ladies behaved, and being mysterious was a good thing. (Now that I think about it- it probably still is.) Steve is one of those guys who would pick you up, take you out, and make sure that you had a wonderful, PG rated time. He would also be polite to your parents, friends, and other assorted peripheral folks.

Dating Captain America would mean knowing that the USA comes first, but that would be a small sacrifice. Having the comfort that Steve was out there keeping the world safe for us common folks would just enhance his desirability. Besides, have you seen his abs? Whew!

Genetically gifted, and polite to boot, Captain America is a dreamy dating proposition.

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