Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hot Comic Book Dates #6- Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner
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Kyle Rayner is the Green Lantern who puts the "S" in sensitive. Not a ladies man like Hal Jordan, but not blatant like his good friend Guy Gardner either, Kyle is the GL all the chicks want to date.

The one downside is that Kyle's girlfriend Alexandra was killed by Major Force, so he has stuck to super hero girl friends pretty much ever since.

I think we could convince him to date a civvie though. After all the turmoil in his life, I think normalcy would do him good.

Imagine Kyle on a date. He would take you to a nice restaurant and a show and top it off with a carriage ride around the neighborhood. He would also bring flowers and use his powerful imagination to give excellent jewelry. To even further impress us, he could conjure up a cleaning lady to do the heavy lifting.

Kyle is also very cute. His dark hair and beautiful green eyes are icing on the cake to his chiseled body. He isn't afraid to show it off in his costume, and the black shown at left very nicely accents his butt to the finest degree. Sigh. It may be a bit sexist to say, but Kyle is the total package, and the body just tops it off.

What do you say, Ladies?

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