Monday, June 26, 2006

Creators I Would Like to Take To Dinner #1- Beau Smith

Beau Smith
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Beau Smith is the ultimate manly man in our industry. With a sure-fire level of confidence, and a certain way about him, Beau has made it clear that he understands that men should follow their forefathers in the path of manliness, and that women, while tough and equal, should still be treated like ladies.

From his greatest creation, Wynonna Earp, to a memorable run on Guy Gardner Warrior, Beau has been able to preach his message to the masses. He made Guy Gardner a hero that men appreciated and women liked. His Wynonna Earp is one of the greatest characters created in recent memory and I wish he would write more of her in the near future. She is fearless and gutsy, and though sometimes her clothes are a bit flimsy, she is worshipped and treated with respect by the men she interacts with. She isn't a "bad girl", she is a Western Hero and her brains are exactly where they should be.

Beau is able to interact with his fans in a way that I really respect. He answers his e-mails promptly and is very professional in every way while making the person feel pleased with themselves for getting a response. He gives props where they are due, but isn't afraid to call someone on the carpet for bad behavior. He has a way with a phrase that has never been duplicated, and never will be.

Beau is a man of the people. He acts like a grown up, and takes responsibility, which is the ultimate in my eyes. He has a great sense of humor that comes through to his readers. He is down to earth enough that he doesn't intimidate his fans, but makes them feel embraced. It is a rare quality to find these days.

I wish that one of these days Beau would come to the Pacific Northwest. My husband is also a huge fan, and we would love to meet him. It doesn't have to be dinner, I would settle for a conversation. I just want to shake his hand and maybe hug him, depending on what mood strikes, or if my hubby is nearby!!

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Beau is a good guy, and if you check out his picture, definitely a manly one too. Can I say he's kinda hot and not seem too offensive? Beau is one in a million, so check out his stuff, including the Flying Fist Ranch for some wisdom.

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