Monday, June 26, 2006

Creator I'd LIke to Take To Dinner #6- Terry Moore

Terry Moore
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Terry Moore is the creator and great mind behind Strangers In Paradise, one of my favorite comic book series. His portrayal of women and their roles in relationships has been spot-on from day one. His male characters are unforgettable to boot, from Freddie Femur to David, our hero.

Moore has a great head on his shoulders. From day one he has self published and been able to make a living at it. In my mind, that is an incredible achievement. Together with his wife, they have made a viable business entity from something they love. That is the ultimate achievement.

Moore is also a musician, so he infused his creations with great lyrics. I would love to ask him about his past in music and his future quests. With Strangers In Paradise ending soon, I would most certainly also want to ask him about his future plans.

I would love to take Terry Moore to dinner. His creative works say it all. He is a class act who has shown the way to other self publishers and fans in general.

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