Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hot Comic Book Dates #7- Luke Cage

Luke Cage
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Ignore the outfit for a few moments and consider this. In the last couple of years Luke Cage has been transformed from a tiara wearing impenetrable soul brother into an ideal chick magnet.

How so, you may ask?

Luke likes to keep it honest, number one. When he was trying to help out Jessica Jones, he was always real with her. He didn't flinch from the truth, even if it sometimes wasn't something she wanted to hear.

Luke is also smart as a whip. He has street smarts and that is a credibility that is priceless. Luke knows what time it is, and is able to mediate the peace in the most painless way when possible.

Look at those shoulders. The man is positively a brick sh*t house. He obviously works out to keep that impenatrable body in shape. Nicely done.

Luke is also sensitive. You wouldn't know it by looking, but he is an all around good guy. No wonder he is in the Avengers.

Ladies of the world: for your consideration- Luke Cage.

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