Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

It is Father's Day, and time for reflection on the men in our lives. I am lucky that I have a father that is to me one-in-a-million. My dad is a strong role model for my life, and has been since day one. He is very much the manly man, coming at a 6'1" and over 200 lbs. As a farmer, he has always had a lot of physical strength, but has always been sensitive enough to know how to relate to his girls.

Dad didn't have any boys, but he always made sure my sister and I knew that we could do whatever we wanted, regardless of what convention was. He made sure we could change our own tires, check our oil, do basic repair and maintenance, and take care of our homes. He also told us we could be girly, and made sure we were well versed in the basics of ettiquette and social graces. The bottom line is that Dad didn't want us to feel hemmed in by society's standards, but he also didn't want us to be outcasts. The sky was and is the limit.

Nowadays my dad has two grandsons to carry on the tradition, courtesy of my sister. It is special to watch him with the boys, knowing that he never once regretted having only girls back in the day. We were loved regardless of it all. He still is never happier then when we are all together, and we spend that precious time as a family.

How lucky am I?

To all of you dads out there, Happy Father's Day. May it be filled with love and happiness.

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